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The Ypsilon HF: Lancia’s First Hot Car in Decades



Stellantis, the company formed by the merger of FCA and PSA, has recently announced the revival of the troubled Lancia brand with the introduction of the 2024 Ypsilon, which includes a new High-Fidelity version. The Ypsilon HF is an all-electric model with 237 horsepower from a front-mounted motor, sharing a platform with other Stellantis vehicles like the Abarth 600e and Alfa Romeo Junior Veloce. It boasts a 54-kWh battery pack, allowing for a 0 to 62 mph time of 5.8 seconds, and features a wider track and lowered suspension for improved handling. The Ypsilon HF is set to go on sale in Europe in May 2025, with future models from Lancia also receiving the High-Fidelity treatment in the coming years.

The Lancia brand has a rich history in rallying, with iconic models like the Stratos HF and Delta HF Integrale Evolution sporting the legendary HF logo. The Ypsilon HF is joined by the Ypsilon Rally 4 HF, a motorsport variant with a turbocharged gasoline engine producing 209 hp. Developed to comply with FIA’s Group Rally4 regulations, the race car features front-wheel drive, a five-speed gearbox, and a mechanical limited-slip differential. The return of Lancia to rally races marks a significant moment in the brand’s history, with the Ypsilon Rally 4 HF based on production vehicles to meet regulatory requirements.

The High-Fidelity treatment for the new Lancia models signifies a commitment to reviving the brand’s iconic status in the automotive world. The little elephant logo, first introduced in 1960, has become synonymous with Lancia’s racing heritage and performance-focused vehicles. The Ypsilon HF and Ypsilon Rally 4 HF carry on this tradition, showcasing the brand’s dedication to excellence and innovation in both road cars and motorsport.

With the introduction of the Ypsilon HF and Ypsilon Rally 4 HF, Lancia aims to capture the hearts of enthusiasts and rally fans around the world. The electric and gasoline-powered variants offer high-performance capabilities and advanced technologies, reflecting the brand’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the automotive industry. The return of Lancia to rally racing is sure to generate excitement among fans and competitors alike, as the brand looks to reclaim its position as a leader in the sport.

The Ypsilon HF and Ypsilon Rally 4 HF represent a new chapter in Lancia’s storied history, combining cutting-edge design, technology, and performance to create a truly unique driving experience. With a focus on innovation and heritage, the new models showcase the brand’s dedication to excellence and a commitment to delivering high-quality vehicles that stand out from the competition. As Lancia continues to expand its lineup and reintroduce classic models like the Gamma and Delta, enthusiasts can look forward to more exciting developments from this iconic Italian marque in the years to come.

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