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This AI model predicts significant potential for a bitcoin miner and multiple biotech stocks



iFi AI, a company focused on helping individual investors choose stocks using a combination of fundamental, technical, and news data, is optimistic about the outlook for several names in volatile sectors over the next month. Powered by IBM’s Watson, their AI model scored big recently when Marathon Oil, one of their top picks, announced a deal to be acquired by ConocoPhillips, sending the stock up more than 8% in a single session.

One of iFi AI’s highest confidence picks with significant projected upside is Marathon Digital, a bitcoin mining company. Despite being down about 17% in 2024, iFi AI believes the stock could jump more than 40% from its current price. Other top picks from their highest confidence bracket include Kilroy Realty, a real estate investment trust focused on office, life science, and mixed-use buildings primarily in California. Despite a 16% decline in shares this year, Kilroy Realty is positioned as a top overall pick by iFi AI.

In addition to Kilroy, iFi AI’s model is also bullish on three biotech companies: BridgeBio Pharma, Viking Therapeutics, and Protagonist Therapeutics. These small biotech stocks are known for their volatility, with news about a single drug or treatment having the potential to greatly impact their stock prices. Viking Therapeutics, the largest of the three with a market cap of under $7 billion, is focused on developing an oral anti-obesity drug.

iFi AI’s CEO is CNBC senior analyst Ron Insana, and the company launched in March with a focus on helping individual investors navigate the stock market using advanced AI technology. As they continue to analyze and identify high potential stocks, investors can utilize their platform to make informed investment decisions based on data-driven insights. With notable success stories like Marathon Oil, iFi AI’s model is gaining traction in the financial industry as a valuable tool for stock selection and investment strategy.

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