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This is how a 26-year-old looks without filters or makeup



Genesis A. is a makeup artist and content creator living in The Bronx. She does not have any children, nor does she smoke or drink. Despite being in her late twenties, she has not had any cosmetic work done and prefers to focus on her skincare routine instead. Her morning routine consists of cleansing, using vitamin C, moisturizing, and applying sunscreen. In the evening, she double cleanses and includes retinol in her routine.

Genesis spends an estimated $2,000-$3,000 annually on skincare products. She started using retinol consistently after noticing fine lines on her forehead at 25. The retinol has made a significant difference in the smoothness and flawless look of her skin, making her feel like she is 18 again. While she is not necessarily pressured into getting Botox, she is open to the idea in the future. She appreciates the shift towards more diversity in skincare campaigns, featuring women of various ages.

As Genesis approaches 30, she reflects on her life and goals. She sometimes feels the pressure to “get her life together” and start seriously dating. She is mindful of her love life and career aspirations as she moves closer to this milestone age. Despite these thoughts and pressures, Genesis feels more grown and taken seriously in her late twenties. She has a different mindset and is more aggressive in pursuing her goals.

In conclusion, Genesis A. is a young professional navigating her late twenties with a focus on skincare and achieving her career goals. She prioritizes her skincare routine to maintain a youthful appearance and feels empowered by the changing beauty standards in the industry. As she enters this new phase of adulthood, she is reflecting on her personal and professional aspirations, determined to make the most of her journey towards 30. With a strong mindset and aggressive attitude towards her goals, Genesis is poised to succeed in both her personal and professional endeavors.

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