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This Is How a 52-Year-Old Face Looks Without Filters or Makeup



Eileen W. is a mom, wife, volunteer, and writer from Boonton Township, New Jersey. She has two children, ages 19 and 15, and doesn’t smoke but does drink five drinks per week. Eileen has had cosmetic work done, including dermaplaning every two months and annual DiamondGlow facials. Her skin care routine consists of various products for both day and night, including Eucerin Hydrating Face Cleansing Gel, SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Gel, RoC moisturizer with SPF, and more.

Eileen started wearing sunscreen daily in 1993 after her boss at a fashion office urged everyone to do so. She believes in the importance of sunscreen and has been diligent about using it every day since then. She recalls how she was one of the only people she knew who was wearing SPF regularly, even when others questioned her actions. Now, years later, Eileen’s friends are realizing the benefits of sun protection and wish they had started using sunscreen earlier.

Eileen’s dedication to skin care is evident in her skin care routine, which includes a variety of products aimed at hydrating, correcting, and protecting her skin. Her estimated annual spending on skin care is $2,500, reflecting her commitment to maintaining healthy and radiant skin. Eileen’s experience with skin care serves as a reminder of the importance of sunscreen and a consistent skincare routine in achieving and maintaining healthy skin.

As a writer, Eileen’s attention to detail and commitment to research are reflected in her approach to skin care. She understands the importance of using quality products and staying consistent with her routine to see results. Eileen’s journey with skin care serves as a testament to the impact of sunscreen and proper skincare in maintaining healthy and youthful-looking skin. Her dedication to her skin care routine and willingness to invest in high-quality products demonstrate her commitment to self-care and overall well-being.

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