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This Porsche 911 Targa has been owned by the same person for 51 years.



Richard’s long-standing love affair with his 911T Targa from February 1973 is a rare and heartwarming story in the world of automotive enthusiasts. Driving the same car for over 50 years is a testament to his dedication and attachment to this iconic sports car. Richard’s journey with his 911 started back in 1973 when he purchased it brand new from a dealer in California for around $10,000. Fast forward to today, and the same model starts at $134,500, making Richard’s purchase a bargain even after adjusting for inflation. Despite his 911 being over half a century old, Richard has continued to care for and modify it over the years, transforming it into a unique and special vehicle.

Over the years, Richard has accumulated a wealth of stories and memories with his beloved 911. From hitting a deer in Los Angeles just a year after purchasing it to making subtle changes to enhance its appearance, Richard’s journey with his car is filled with experiences and adventures. He has carefully upgraded and modified his 911 to reflect his personal preferences, while still retaining many original elements that make it a true classic. The addition of fender flares, rear wheels from a Turbo, and custom paint on the lights are just a few of the modifications that have given Richard’s 911 a distinctive look while preserving its vintage charm.

The attention to detail and dedication to maintaining the originality of his 911 is evident in every aspect of the car. From the aluminum rear deck lid to the original carpet in the trunk, Richard’s commitment to preserving the authenticity of his vehicle is commendable. The 3.2-liter engine from a salvaged 1986 911, installed in 1991, has been carefully maintained and produces an impressive 260 to 265 horsepower, thanks to several modifications. Inside the car, the original features have been preserved, with the exception of a few upgrades such as Recaro seats and a new steering wheel. These modifications, while adding a touch of modernity, still respect the heritage and legacy of the 911.

Richard’s 911T Targa is not just a car; it is a labor of love and a tangible expression of his passion for automotive excellence. The meticulous care and attention to detail that Richard has put into maintaining and upgrading his 911 over the years is a true testament to his dedication and commitment to preserving the heritage of this iconic sports car. As he continues to drive his 911 through the decades, Richard’s bond with his car only grows stronger, making it impossible to imagine anyone else owning or caring for this special vehicle. In a world where the next shiny thing often distracts us from our long-term commitments, Richard’s story serves as a reminder of the enduring value of loyalty, dedication, and love for the things that truly matter. Richard and his 911T Targa are a shining example of the lasting bond between a driver and their car, proving that true love can indeed last a lifetime.

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