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Three stocks to invest in for the growing energy demands of AI data centers, as recommended by BTIG



The data center gold rush is still in its early stages, with the market facing a squeeze in power availability, according to BTIG. As companies struggle to connect new power plants to the grid, there is a bottleneck in meeting energy demand, with the process taking nearly five years on average. This has created an opportunity for companies that can provide on-site solutions to bypass the interconnection line. BTIG recommends investing in Bloom Energy, Core Scientific, and FTAI Infrastructure as ways to benefit from the power shortage theme, with price targets raised for all three companies.

Bloom Energy, which can provide energy through on-site fuel cells running on natural gas or hydrogen, recently signed a contract with Intel to power a data center in California. BTIG’s price target suggests a 34% upside potential for the stock. Core Scientific, a Bitcoin miner diversifying into data centers, signed a deal to supply 200 megawatts of power to CoreWeave. The new price target from BTIG calls for nearly 40% upside for the company. FTAI Infrastructure, an infrastructure company that operates natural gas assets, is expected to see a 42% increase in its stock price, according to BTIG.

Overall, the power shortage in the data center market is creating opportunities for companies that can provide swift energy solutions. As the demand for data centers continues to grow, the need for reliable and efficient power sources becomes crucial. Investing in companies like Bloom Energy, Core Scientific, and FTAI Infrastructure could offer investors a way to benefit from this trend. With the data center market still in its early stages, there is potential for significant growth in the coming years for companies that can provide innovative power solutions.

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