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TikTok Filmmakers Hope Miranda Wilking Will See Documentary and Beyond



“Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult” is a new docuseries on Netflix that sheds light on the controversial Shekinah church and its relationship with the 7M dance management company. Director Derek Doneen and producer Jessica Acevedo delve into the world of this cult-like organization, capturing the unfolding events as members start to leave and families try to rescue their loved ones from the grips of pastor Robert Shinn.

The series follows the stories of dancers and their families as they navigate the emotional and financial manipulation imposed by Shinn and Shekinah. Shinn is accused of isolating members from their families, exerting financial control, and allegedly engaging in sexual misconduct. Despite the parallels drawn to other cult-like organizations, Doneen emphasizes that Shinn’s tactics are not unique and are part of a playbook used by many leaders in highly controlled groups.

As the documentary unfolds, viewers are introduced to sisters Priscylla and Melanie Lee, who share their harrowing experiences with Shinn that predate his involvement with the TikTok dancers. The film captures the Lee sisters’ accounts of sexual abuse and financial fraud, shedding light on the deeper issues within the Shekinah organization. Doneen and Acevedo appreciate Netflix’s support in telling a complex and risky story, highlighting the challenges of breaking free from such a controlling environment.

The Wilking family’s desperate attempts to reconnect with Miranda Wilking, a dancer under Shinn’s influence, are documented in the series. Miranda eventually agrees to meet her family, leading to emotional confrontations and moments of healing as they try to navigate their strained relationship. The filmmakers hope that Miranda will watch the documentary and understand the motivations behind her family’s participation, which ultimately stemmed from love and desperation.

Despite facing legal challenges, including a libel lawsuit filed by Shinn against former members, the series aims to expose the truth behind the Shekinah church and the 7M dance company. Through intimate interviews with survivors and emotional moments of reconciliation, “Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult” provides a compelling look at the destructive effects of manipulation and control within a closed community. The documentary serves as a cautionary tale and a powerful reminder of the importance of family and freedom.

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