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Tommy Robinson leads march of ‘football hooligans’ in London calling for Met Police chief Mark Rowley’s resignation, as thousands of officers join protest.



Tommy Robinson led a protest march through central London with a crowd of supporters as counter-protestors gathered in opposition. Scotland Yard deployed thousands of police officers from forces outside London to police the protests and prevent serious disruption or disorder. Robinson, also known as Stephen Yaxley Lennon, called for the resignation of corrupt Met Commissioner Mark Rowley in a video posted on social media. The protest, which included individuals waving Union Flags and the Flag of St George, aimed to march on Parliament Square.

Stand Up To Racism organized a counter-protest in Whitehall to show unity against attempts to divide people. Ahead of the protest in Victoria, football chants were heard from the crowd. The Met Police assured to have a significant number of officers deployed to prevent clashes between the two groups. More than 2,000 police officers were on duty to ensure the safety of participants and the wider public during the protests and also at the Champions League Final at Wembley.

The police placed conditions on the protests, requiring the groups to stick to an agreed route and not cause serious disruption. Despite warnings about potential violence from groups with links to football disorders, the main organiser of the protest publicly discouraged violence. However, concerns remained due to the past violence directed at officers during previous protests. Officers were prepared to respond decisively to criminal offenses and any attempts to cause serious disruption.

Robinson’s group displayed banners calling for the removal of Met Commissioner Mark Rowley and opposed biased policing practices while demanding accountability from those in power. A third protest was expected to take place on the same day, organized by Youth Demand in protest of the conflict in Gaza. This group intended to occupy roads and bridges, potentially causing serious disruption to communities across London. The police urged the protesters to engage with them to ensure a peaceful protest and warned that they would use all relevant powers to respond to any actions taken.

In conclusion, the protest led by Tommy Robinson in London aimed to call for the resignation of the Met Commissioner and address issues of biased policing practices. The presence of counter-protestors led to heightened security measures and a large deployment of police officers to ensure public safety. Despite concerns about potential violence, both groups were urged to engage with the police to facilitate a peaceful protest. The events highlighted the importance of upholding the right to protest while maintaining public order and preventing disruptions in the community.

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