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Top 12 Recommended Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis in 2024, by Professionals



Plantar Fasciitis: The Best Shoes and Inserts to Relieve Pain

When it comes to plantar fasciitis, finding the right shoes and inserts can make a world of difference in reducing pain and discomfort. Whether you’re working long hours on your feet or engaging in high-impact activities like running, having the proper support can help alleviate symptoms and prevent further damage to the plantar fascia. Here are some top picks for shoes and inserts recommended by podiatrists to help with plantar fasciitis.

Vionic Kensley Loafer is a stylish option for those looking for both comfort and support. Dr. Japs recommends the Vionic brand for its above-average support and comfort, even in its dressier shoes. The Kensley Loafer features a thick lug sole, supportive arch, and padded insole, making it a standout choice for people with plantar fasciitis. With sizes available from US 6 to 11 and widths in regular, this shoe is not only supportive but also fashionable.

Superfeet Green Professional-Grade Orthotic Inserts are highly recommended by podiatrists as great over-the-counter shoe inserts. With different versions offering varying degrees of arch support and heel-cup depths, the green and blue options provide customizable support for different foot types. Dr. Marko suggests starting with the blue version for easier adjustment and comfort. Available in sizes from US 5 to 12 and widths in regular and wide, these inserts are a versatile option for plantar fasciitis relief.

Armstrong Amerika Gel Heel Cups Plantar Fasciitis Inserts offer additional support and cushioning for shoes that may not be the most foot-friendly. Dr. Gamez recommends adding gel heel cups to create a softer footbed and reduce pressure and pain through the heels. Made of silicone and available in small/medium and large sizes, these inserts provide targeted relief for plantar fasciitis sufferers.

Dr. Scholl’s Plantar Fasciitis Sized to Fit Pain Relief Insoles are designed to absorb shock and support the arches, providing all-day comfort for those on their feet for long periods. Dr. Japs recommends these reliable insoles for their ability to relieve tension in the feet and enhance overall comfort. Available in sizes from US 5.5-6 to 13.5-14, these insoles are a simple yet effective solution for managing plantar fasciitis pain.

Understanding the anatomy of the foot and the causes of plantar fasciitis can help in selecting the right shoes and inserts for relief. The plantar fascia plays a crucial role in supporting the foot’s arch and absorbing shock during movement. Repeated stress on the plantar fascia can lead to damage and inflammation, resulting in stabbing or aching pain, particularly near the heel. Factors such as tight calf muscles, high-impact activities, prolonged standing, and footwear choices can exacerbate plantar fasciitis symptoms.


When choosing shoes for plantar fasciitis, it’s essential to prioritize comfort, support, and fit. Look for shoes with deep heel counters, midfoot arch support, and ample cushioning to reduce pressure on the plantar fascia. Pairing shoes with orthotics or inserts that provide additional cushioning and arch support can further alleviate pain and discomfort. Avoid flat, non-supportive footwear like flip-flops or flats, and opt for shoes with slight heels and secure straps for added stability. By selecting the right shoes and inserts, you can effectively manage plantar fasciitis and improve your overall foot health.

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