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Top Headlines: Historian with impressive record predicts the path to the White House for Trump or Biden and more



In the Fox News morning newsletter, Fox News First, readers are provided with a roundup of important news stories to start their day. The newsletter covers a wide range of topics, including politics, mysteries, current events, and pop culture. One of the main stories highlighted in the newsletter is about the historian predicting the winning odds for Trump or Biden in the upcoming elections. The newsletter also discusses deep divisions among voters based on their support for Biden or Trump, as revealed in a recent poll.

Another intriguing story featured in the newsletter is about a jet missing since 1971 being finally found, putting an end to decades of speculation and mystery. Additionally, a horrifying incident involving a public bus being hijacked and taken on a high-speed chase down a freeway resulted in one fatality. The newsletter also explores possible solutions to America’s housing crisis, which has left many people struggling in the current market.

In the politics section of the newsletter, readers can find updates on various political developments, such as a Trump-backed candidate winning the North Dakota GOP primary and the dramatic moments from Hunter Biden’s criminal trial. The House is set to hold a high-stakes vote on Merrick Garland’s future, and lawmakers have been grilling Andrew Cuomo over COVID nursing home deaths.

The newsletter also covers media-related topics, including the mourning of Hunter Biden’s gun case verdict by the media and the controversial techniques employed by the ‘most politically incorrect sheriff’ in the US. In pop culture news, Trump questions Taylor Swift’s liberal views, and a Democratic governor tells Trump to stop ‘s— talking America.

Opinion pieces by Tom Del Beccaro and Roger Williams offer insights into why Democrats may not choose Gavin Newsom for a White House run and how the Biden administration is turning a federal agency into a Democratic get-out-the-vote machine. Primetime hosts like Laura Ingraham, Jesse Watters, Sean Hannity, and Greg Gutfeld also share their perspectives on various issues.

In other news, Pamela Smart admits to something she denied for decades in a new prison video, and there is speculation about ‘Wheel of Fortune’ host Pat Sajak’s next gig. Additionally, readers can test their knowledge of summer’s hottest topics with an American culture quiz. The newsletter also includes heartwarming stories, such as a boy making an important train announcement in Toronto and a former teammate of Tom Brady sending QB vitamins to fit his strict diet.

Videos by Katie Pavlich and John Yoo provide insights into the reality of Hunter Biden’s laptop and legal team decisions. The Fox Weather segment keeps readers informed about the weather in their neighborhoods, and the newsletter concludes with a humorous quote from Laura Ingraham about criticism of the Department of Justice. Readers are encouraged to follow Fox News on social media and sign up for their newsletters for more updates.

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