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BTN interview: Antonino Cardillo, general manager, the Oberoi Beach Resort, Al Zorah



The Oberoi Beach Resort, Al Zorah has been honoured with the title of Middle East’s Leading Luxury Beach Resort at the World Travel Award.

Here Breaking Travel News speaks to Antonino Cardillo, general manager of the property, to find out how it feels to have been honoured by voters from around the globe.

Breaking Travel News: Having claimed a top title at the World Travel Awards, how does it feel to have won?

Antonino Cardillo: My Team and I are ecstatic to have won the award.

Our successes have always been achieved through the unremitting dedication of our colleagues who everyday go above and beyond the expectations of our guests.

We are so proud of this achievement and constantly endeavour to exceed in all aspects of service.


BTN: How will the trophy help you to promote the Oberoi Beach Resort, Al Zorah as we move into 2022?

AC: Being recognised as a preferred destination is key to help promote not only the hotel, but Al Zorah as a destination.

This award adds much value to the hotel’s position and visibility, with which we aim to be recognised as one of the best places to stay, unwind and create remarkable experiences.

BTN: What is that caught the eye of voters; what do you think it is that the Oberoi Beach Resort, Al Zorah from its competitors in the Middle East?

AC: Both Al Zorah as an area and the Oberoi have been designed as an escape from the hustle and bustle of the world outside.

With the hotel built on the edge of a one million square meters mangrove, the destination is intended to be a natural oasis.

White pristine beaches and extraordinary experiences is what staying at the Oberoi is all about.


More Information

The Oberoi Beach Resort, Al Zorah has been thoughtfully designed as a retreat where you can switch off and take time out.

The best hotel in Al Zorah, it offers sophisticated contemporary architecture, wide open spaces and a natural palette that harmonises with panoramic ocean vistas and long white sand beaches.

Find out more about the Oberoi Beach Resort, Al Zorah on the official website.

Source: Breaking Travel News


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