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GreenGo Travel are passionate about nature, adventure & fun! An amazing world waiting to be discovered… they will get you there sustainably & hassle free. An easy to understand, rich in content portal that demystifies the process of traveling in Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands & Peru. No two clients are alike, they provide free & complete customization of your trip tailored by local experts, empowering you to travel like a local. Get to know all the in & outs before and during your travel.

Winner of Ecuador’s Leading Travel Agency 2022 at last years World Travel Awards, Breaking Travel News caught up with this award winning company to find out more:

BTN. Congratulations on winning Ecuador’s Leading Travel Agency 2022 at this years World Travel Awards, what does this wonderful achievement mean for your staff and your customers?

GGT: We are delighted we were able to win this prestigious award for the second consecutive time. The entire team at GreenGo Travel is fulfilled by this accomplishment, which is a testament to our commitment to fostering a positive and supportive work culture.

As a company that values teamwork and collaboration, we attribute our success to the collective efforts of our dedicated staff. This recognition not only acknowledges their hard work and dedication but also reinforces our shared commitment to excellence.

We believe that this achievement will also benefit our customers, who can be assured that they are entrusting their travel plans to a reliable and trustworthy agency. As a result, it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. We are grateful for this recognition and look forward to continuing to provide exceptional service to our customers in the future.


BTN. How do you intend to get the message out to your staff and customers regarding this achievement?

GGT: We intend to communicate this achievement to both our staff and customers through various channels to ensure that everyone is aware of this exciting news.

Firstly, we will send out a company-wide email to our staff, congratulating them on their hard work and dedication that led to this achievement. We will also share the news on our social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, so that our customers and partners can celebrate with us.

Additionally, we plan to include the news of our award in our marketing and advertising campaigns, such as in our newsletters, brochures, and website. This will allow us to reach a wider audience and further promote our commitment to providing exceptional travel experiences.

We also plan to display the award prominently in our office and include it in our company’s branding to serve as a visual reminder of our accomplishments and commitment to excellence.

In summary, we intend to communicate this achievement through various channels, including email, social media, marketing campaigns, and visual displays, to ensure that our staff, customers, and partners are aware of this exciting news.

BTN. With the type of tours you organise, are you finding more and more people want to connect with nature and are seeking a more sustainable type of vacation experience?


GGT: Undoubtedly, the Galapagos Islands have become a highly sought-after destination in the wake of numerous postponed holidays due to the ongoing pandemic. In light of this, there has been a marked surge in the number of travelers seeking to explore the region in both current and upcoming years.

It is noteworthy that the tours offered in this region are steeped in sustainability, and this is attributable to the immense efforts that the Galapagos park management has put in place to ensure the preservation of this unique paradise. By enforcing good travel practices, the park management has been able to promote responsible tourism, minimize the impact of human activities on the environment, and safeguard the diverse flora and fauna species that call the Galapagos home.

In essence, the Galapagos Islands represent an ideal destination for eco-conscious travelers looking to experience the beauty of nature while leaving a minimal ecological footprint. The sustained efforts by the Galapagos park management to promote sustainable tourism practices ensure that visitors can enjoy the natural splendor of the region without causing irreparable harm to the environment.

BTN. You run a large number of tours across some incredible destinations, which are your most popular?

GGT: Ecuador, aptly referred to as the “country of four worlds,” offers a plethora of enchanting travel experiences to visitors. Among the most popular tours are Galapagos cruises, Galapagos land-based tours, tours of the Amazon region, and customized tours that cater to the unique preferences of individual travelers.

Each of these tours has its own charm, making them highly sought after by visitors from all corners of the world. Galapagos cruises, for instance, offer a chance to explore the unique ecosystem of the Galapagos Islands and the rare wildlife that inhabits the region. Land-based tours, on the other hand, provide a more in depth visit on the unique characteristics each islands and visit points feature.

Similarly, tours of the Amazon region offer visitors an immersive experience into the lush green rainforests and the diverse flora and fauna that thrive therein. Customized tours, on the other hand, cater to the specific interests and preferences of individual travelers, making them an excellent choice for those seeking a tailored experience.


In essence, Ecuador is a country with a rich tapestry of cultures, landscapes, and experiences that captivate and enthrall visitors. Whether one chooses to explore the Galapagos Islands or venture into the Amazon, they are guaranteed an unforgettable journey that will leave a lasting impression.

BTN: What percentage of travellers that elects to holiday with your company return for a second time and for an alternative tour?

GGT: Our main clientele originates from Europe, Asia, and the USA. Around 20 to 25% of these visitors become returning customers.

Considering Ecuador and the Galapagos is a very niche destination for these remote countries, the return rate is a very healthy number.

Despite the challenges presented by the pandemic, our clients have demonstrated a continued interest in exploring the diverse and captivating offerings of Ecuador. However, given the multitude of attractions and activities available, many visitors feel that their initial trip did not afford them sufficient time to fully immerse themselves in all that the country has to offer, leading them to return for a more comprehensive and rewarding experience.

BTN: You exist in a competitive market, what makes Greengo Travel stand out from your competitors, why are customers electing to travel with you and not your competitors?

GGT: Our paramount objective is to streamline and simplify the challenging and intricate booking process for our clients. To this end, we have developed a cutting-edge Galapagos cruise search engine that has been under continuous refinement for over a decade. Additionally, we employ an internal CRM and a suite of exclusive tools that enable us to offer unparalleled service to our customers.


Our commitment to innovation and advancement has yielded impressive results, as evidenced by our ability to significantly reduce customer service time. Our real-time data indicates that we have been able to reduce the time spent serving our clients from a staggering five hours to an average of just 30-45 minutes.

We remain steadfast in our resolve to leverage technology and continue to evolve our offerings to ensure that our clients’ time and satisfaction always come first. Our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with a seamless and stress-free experience that exceeds their expectations and creates memories that last a lifetime.

BTN. You offer a24/7 customer service, how important is this to customers and what feedback have you from those that have had to use this service?

GGT: We take pride in offering our customers a sense of security and assurance that they are in capable and attentive hands throughout every stage of their travel journey. We believe in providing exceptional support, guidance, and assistance before, during, and after our clients’ trips to ensure their absolute satisfaction.

Our bespoke services and proprietary tools, developed in-house, enable us to deliver seamless and stress-free tours, customized to meet our clients’ unique preferences and requirements. We constantly monitor and update our offerings to reflect changes and developments that may impact our customers’ experiences, ensuring that they remain fully informed and aware at all times.

Our unwavering commitment to customer care and satisfaction is integral to our business ethos, and we strive to exceed our clients’ expectations at every turn. Whether it is assisting with trip planning, providing on-the-ground support, or addressing post-travel concerns, we are dedicated to ensuring our customers’ peace of mind and confidence in their decision to entrust us with their travel needs.

BTN:  What plans have you to develop your business in the face of the ever growing demand for sustainable tourism.


GGT: We are committed to expanding our portfolio of offerings to include sustainable destinations that possess hidden gems that have yet to be discovered by the wider travel community. Our aim is to act as a bridge between these unique locations, communities, and hardworking individuals, and the discerning travelers who seek them out.

Through our extensive network and expertise, we will provide the means and knowledge necessary to showcase these hidden treasures to the world, while ensuring that they remain authentic and true to their heritage. By connecting travelers with these sustainable destinations, we aim to promote responsible and conscious tourism that supports the local way of life and sustains the environment for future generations.

Our vision is to create a world where hidden treasures are no longer hidden, and where communities can thrive through the positive impact of tourism. We believe that by offering these unique experiences, we can help to create a more equitable and sustainable future for all.

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Source: Breaking Travel News


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