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TIA Wellness Resort, Vietnam



This wellness retreat located in the Ngu Hanh Son District of Da Nang City in Vietnam has re-developed itself as TIA from Fusion Maia, post lockdown with an aim of providing life-enhancing experiences to its guests.
You can customise your package based on your needs that include poolside villas with breakfast and relaxing activities like breathwork master classes, Tai Chi and yoga. They also offer private consultations and a wellness expert to guide you.

Focused on channelising the ‘creative energy,’ they provide two wellness therapies each night as part of their three-night-four-day programme. According to their official website, “TIA redefines the spa experience by integrating holistic well-being into each stay through treatments, education and wellness activities designed to elevate creativity and a sense of life purpose.”

For that perfect healing session — and one of the most luxurious experiences in Southeast Asia

Source: Breaking Travel News

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