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Travis Scott Engages in Altercation with Tyga’s Friend AE at Cannes Film Festival



Travis Scott, Tyga and Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards were involved in an altercation at the Cannes Film Festival, with Scott reportedly dissing Tyga on stage. The incident allegedly began when Scott grabbed the mic out of the host’s hand to stop Tyga from being mentioned. This led to a confrontation involving Scott, Tyga, and Edwards, with shoving and pushing eventually escalating into a physical altercation. Security intervened and Scott left with his friend Southside, while Edwards and Tyga remained at the event.

An eyewitness explained that the altercation started when Scott interrupted Tyga’s shoutout from the host, leading to a heated exchange between the parties involved on stage. Another source revealed that Scott was initially asked to perform for the event but declined, setting the stage for the confrontation later in the evening. Despite attempts to diffuse the situation by others present, tensions escalated between Scott, Tyga, and Edwards, resulting in a physical scuffle that was ultimately broken up by security.

The incident was captured in a video shared on social media, showing blurry footage of the altercation between the individuals involved. While details of what prompted the disagreement are still unclear, the history between Scott and Tyga, who both have connections to Kylie Jenner, adds an interesting dynamic to the situation. Both rappers have been involved with Jenner in the past, with Tyga dating her before Scott and ultimately supporting Scott during a difficult time at one of his concerts.

Despite the intense confrontation at the Cannes Film Festival, no one was reported to be injured as a result of the altercation. The incident marks a rare public display of tension between Scott, Tyga, and Edwards, shedding light on their current relationships and dynamics within the music industry. While Scott and Tyga have not publicly commented on the incident, it remains to be seen how this altercation may impact their interactions and relationships moving forward.

Overall, the altercation at the Cannes Film Festival involving Travis Scott, Tyga, and Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards has garnered attention due to the unexpected confrontation between the parties. The incident, which reportedly started over a mention of Tyga on stage, escalated into a physical altercation involving pushing and shoving before being broken up by security. Despite the intense nature of the altercation, no injuries were reported, and all parties involved ultimately went their separate ways after the incident. The incident highlights the complexities of relationships within the music industry and the potential for tensions to arise, even among individuals with shared connections and history.

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