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Trevor Lawrence signs contract extension, Does Wildes owe Nick an apology? | First Things First | Fox News Video



The Jacksonville Jaguars made headlines recently by signing star quarterback Trevor Lawrence to a lucrative 5-year, $275 million extension. This deal has solidified Lawrence as one of the highest-paid quarterbacks in the NFL, tying him with other top earners like Patrick Mahomes. While many fans and analysts agree that Lawrence has shown great potential in his young career, there are still some skeptics who question whether he truly deserves such a hefty payday. According to Kevin Wildes, Lawrence may not be significantly better than other quarterbacks like Mac Jones, leading to some debate within the football community.

Despite the uncertainties surrounding Lawrence’s new contract, there is no denying the impact he has already had on the Jaguars franchise. Since being drafted first overall in the 2021 NFL Draft, Lawrence has shown flashes of brilliance on the field, displaying his strong arm, accuracy, and poise under pressure. His leadership qualities and work ethic have also garnered praise from coaches and teammates, making him a popular figure in Jacksonville and beyond. With this new contract, Lawrence is now faced with even higher expectations as he looks to lead the Jaguars to success in the upcoming seasons.

Critics like Kevin Wildes argue that Lawrence may not be worth the massive contract extension, especially when compared to other talented young quarterbacks in the league. Wildes specifically pointed to Mac Jones, the New England Patriots’ quarterback, as a player who could potentially achieve similar success at a fraction of the cost. While Jones has shown promise in his rookie season, leading the Patriots to a playoff berth, Lawrence’s potential ceiling as a franchise quarterback cannot be overlooked. Ultimately, the Jaguars front office decided to invest heavily in Lawrence’s future, demonstrating their faith in his ability to deliver results on the field.

Nick Wright, on the other hand, believes that Lawrence is indeed deserving of his new contract, citing his skill set, potential, and marketability as key factors in the decision. Wright emphasized Lawrence’s unique blend of size, arm talent, and football IQ, which sets him apart from many of his peers. As a former number one overall pick, Lawrence has been groomed for success since his college days at Clemson, where he won a national championship and multiple awards for his play. With the right support system and coaching staff in place, Lawrence has the tools to become a top quarterback in the league for years to come.

As Lawrence prepares to lead the Jaguars into a new era of success, the pressure will be on him to deliver results and justify his massive contract extension. With talented receivers like DJ Chark and Laviska Shenault Jr. at his disposal, Lawrence will have the weapons needed to succeed in the NFL. However, success in the league is never guaranteed, and Lawrence will need to continue improving his game and developing as a leader to reach his full potential. With the support of his team and fans behind him, Lawrence has the opportunity to become a franchise quarterback and bring the Jaguars back to relevance in the NFL. Only time will tell if Lawrence can live up to the hype and elevate his game to elite status in the years to come.

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