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Trump addresses Fox News after being found guilty, calls his accusers ‘bad people’



Former President Trump criticized the guilty verdict he received in a New York criminal case during an exclusive interview with “Fox & Friends Weekend.” Trump called the verdict a “weaponization” and a “scam” orchestrated by the Justice Department and the FBI. He expressed frustration with the trial and accused Washington of targeting him. The interview, led by co-hosts Pete Hegseth, Will Cain, and Rachel Campos-Duffy, analyzed the political implications of the conviction on Trump’s future.

Trump highlighted the alleged unfairness of the case, emphasizing his team’s attempts to change the trial venue and criticizing Judge Juan Merchan. He noted the challenges of facing a trial in a heavily Democratic area and how it impacted the outcome. Despite the guilty verdict, Trump remains confident in his support base and emphasized the record-breaking fundraising efforts that followed the trial. His legal team plans to appeal the conviction, indicating a continued legal battle ahead.

The interview also touched on the split among former GOP presidential primary opponents following Trump’s conviction. While some Republican figures have distanced themselves from Trump, others have shown support and solidarity amid the legal challenges he faces. The political landscape within the party is evolving as Trump’s legal troubles unfold, revealing divisions and alliances among conservative figures.

President Biden’s response to Trump’s conviction was also highlighted in the interview. Biden suggested that Trump should have the opportunity to appeal the verdict, maintaining a diplomatic stance on the legal proceedings. Despite the ongoing legal battle, Trump’s popularity remains strong in key swing states, with polls showing him leading over Biden. This indicates a level of discontent with the current administration and potential challenges for Biden in the upcoming election cycle.

Overall, the interview with Trump provided insights into his perspective on the trial, the support he has received from the Republican Party, and his plans for appealing the guilty verdict. The conversation highlighted the political implications of the conviction on Trump’s future endeavors and the evolving dynamics within the GOP. Despite facing legal challenges, Trump remains a formidable figure in conservative politics, with significant fundraising support and strong poll numbers in key battleground states. As the legal battle continues, the outcome will impact both Trump’s political future and the wider landscape of American politics.

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