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Trump is making a lot of promises for a second term as he looks for support in new places



Former President Donald Trump has been making specific promises to his audiences during recent campaign rallies. These promises include exempting tips from income taxes, appointing members of the Libertarian party to his cabinet, and undoing President Joe Biden’s policies supporting electric vehicles. Trump’s campaign has been targeting specific demographics that could sway the outcome of the upcoming election, such as Latino Americans and hospitality workers in Nevada. Despite not winning Nevada in two decades and Latinos voting in favor of Biden in the last election, Trump’s campaign is making progress in flipping the state and gaining support from these communities.

Trump’s approach to politics mirrors his dealmaking tactics in the business world. He has made promises to various groups to keep his supporters happy and attract new ones. However, his promises have faced criticism from political opponents who accuse him of pandering for votes. Recently, Senate Democrats launched an investigation into Trump’s promises to oil and energy executives, citing concerns about potential conflicts of interest. The Culinary Workers Union Local 226 in Nevada also criticized Trump’s proposal on tips and taxes, calling them “wild campaign promises from a convicted felon.”

While most politicians make promises to win support, Trump has outlined his proposals for a second term on his website. These proposals include funding free online classes for all Americans, creating new “freedom” cities on federal land, and implementing controversial “stop-and-frisk” policies among police agencies. However, Trump’s history of shifting positions based on political expediency has made some skeptical of his motives. For example, his stance on wind energy has changed from supporting offshore wind farms to criticizing them for their impact on wildlife.

Trump’s outreach to unconventional audiences, such as Libertarians and union households, has had an impact on Biden’s campaign efforts. Biden and Democrats have redoubled their efforts to engage with these groups and counter Trump’s influence. Trump’s efforts to court union autoworkers in Michigan by opposing electric vehicle policies supported by Biden have caused Biden’s lead among union households in the state to shrink significantly compared to the last election. Despite these challenges, Biden’s campaign remains focused on earning support from diverse communities and countering Trump’s divisive tactics.

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