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Trump spends most of his free days without public campaign events



Former President Donald Trump has claimed that his trial in Manhattan has stopped him from campaigning in key swing states like Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Ohio, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. However, a review of his activities during the trial’s first four weeks shows that he spent most of his court-free days at his properties in New York, New Jersey, and Florida and did not visit any of the states he claimed the trial prevented him from visiting.

During the trial’s 27 days beginning with the opening of jury selection on April 15, Trump had 12 court-free days. On seven of those days, he held no public events, and on eight days if a brief appearance for media cameras before a private meeting is excluded. Trump has made infrequent campaign travel during the trial, holding rallies in Wisconsin and Michigan and visiting North Carolina, where a rally was called off due to severe weather. He is scheduled to hold a rally in New Jersey, a traditionally Democratic stronghold, and appeared at a Formula One race in Miami.

While Trump has used some of his off days for campaign events, like attending a closed-door fundraiser and visiting a construction site and fire station in New York City, he has let the majority of the 12 off days pass without holding any public campaign events. Instead, he has spent some of his time golfing at his club in New Jersey, attending fundraisers at Mar-a-Lago in Florida, hosting dinners for NFT buyers, and making phone calls and holding meetings.

Despite claiming that his trial has kept him from campaigning, Trump’s schedule shows that he has had ample time to engage in campaign activities during the trial’s first month. He has utilized some off days for campaign events, but has also spent time at his properties and attending private functions. It remains to be seen how his campaign schedule will evolve as the trial continues and the presidential election approaches.

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