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Trump’s main lawyer responds to the decision



Blanche expresses disappointment with the jury’s decision in the hush money trial, where Trump was found guilty of campaign finance violations related to payments made to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal. Blanche emphasizes that they will be appealing the verdict and maintains their belief in Trump’s innocence. The attorney argues that the prosecution failed to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt and that the verdict was politically motivated. Blanche also criticizes the judge for allowing certain evidence to be admitted into the trial, which he believes unfairly prejudiced the jury against Trump.

Blanche defends Trump’s actions as being within the bounds of the law and claims that the payments to Daniels and McDougal were not campaign contributions but rather personal expenses. He argues that Trump was acting as a private citizen and not as a candidate when the payments were made, therefore they do not fall under campaign finance regulations. Blanche further asserts that the prosecution unfairly targeted Trump for political reasons, citing the timing of the trial during Trump’s potential run for presidency in 2024 as evidence of bias.

Despite the guilty verdict, Blanche expresses confidence that Trump will ultimately be vindicated on appeal. He believes that the appellate court will overturn the decision based on the lack of evidence presented by the prosecution and the judge’s handling of the case. Blanche reiterates Trump’s innocence and emphasizes that they will continue to fight to clear his name and reputation. He also criticizes the media for their portrayal of Trump and their role in shaping public opinion against him.

Blanche’s reaction to the verdict reflects the ongoing legal battles surrounding Trump and his presidency. The hush money trial is just one of many legal challenges Trump has faced since leaving office, including investigations into his business dealings and potential tax fraud. Blanche’s defense of Trump highlights the partisan divide in American politics, with supporters rallying behind Trump despite the mounting legal troubles. The outcome of the appeal will likely have significant implications for Trump’s future political aspirations and public perception.

In conclusion, Blanche’s response to the verdict in the hush money trial underscores the continued controversy and legal battles surrounding Trump. Despite being found guilty, Blanche remains steadfast in his defense of Trump and vows to appeal the decision. The case has sparked debates about campaign finance laws and the boundaries of presidential power, with supporters and critics alike closely watching the outcome. As Trump continues to navigate the legal challenges against him, his legacy and reputation remain at stake. The eventual outcome of the appeal will have far-reaching implications for both Trump and the American political landscape.

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