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US officials resigned over Biden’s Gaza policy collaborate in effort to pressure administration



A group of US officials have publicly resigned over the Biden administration’s Gaza policy and are now supporting ongoing dissent and putting pressure on the government. More than half a dozen officials have resigned, citing their inability to work for the administration, with even more quietly departing. President Joe Biden has been criticized for his support for Israel during the Gaza conflict, with many officials feeling their concerns and expertise were being ignored. The former officials who resigned publicly spoke of the damage they felt US policy was having on the country’s credibility. They are now working together to provide support and advice to colleagues who may choose to leave or continue to dissent from within the government.

The former officials, including Josh Paul, Harrison Mann, and Lily Greenberg Call, expressed that the administration was ignoring the humanitarian toll caused by Israel’s military campaign. They have collectively come together to increase pressure on the administration to change course. Some officials had particular breaking points that led to their resignations, such as Gilbert, who left after seeing a report on Israel’s use of US weapons that she felt was not honest. The group of “resignees” is hoping to use their collective power to speak out and support others who may wish to voice their disagreements with US policy on the war in Gaza.

The former officials have also advised their colleagues who are still within the government on how to express their dissent in a constructive way. Some suggest writing dissent cables to express specific concerns and receive a response individually. Others, like Alex Smith, felt their frustrations building over time, culminating in their resignation after facing ultimatums from their superiors. The officials who publicly resigned said they realized they could no longer be in integrity with themselves and represent the administration.

For some officials, the breaking point came after the October 7 Hamas attack on Israel, which they anticipated would lead to extreme responses from the Israeli government. Lily Greenberg Call, the first Jewish political appointee to publicly resign, expressed disappointment with the administration’s response and felt her concerns were ignored. Harrison Mann, an Army officer at the Defense Intelligence Agency, resigned in November over feelings of hopelessness about the Gaza conflict. Many officials sought advice from those who had already publicly resigned before making their own decisions.

Overall, the group of former US officials who resigned publicly over the Gaza policy are working together to support ongoing dissent and pressure the administration to change course. Their resignations were driven by concerns over the humanitarian toll of Israel’s military campaign and a lack of response from the administration. By coming together, they hope to provide resources for others who wish to voice their dissent and potentially affect policy change. The officials have also advised their colleagues on how to express their concerns constructively and are working to ensure their voices are heard.

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