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Video: Criminal defense lawyer reveals the first question he would ask Michael Cohen



Donald Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, is expected to be a key witness in the Manhattan district attorney’s case against the former president. Cohen, who served as Trump’s fixer for many years, is likely to provide crucial information that could impact the outcome of the case. As the legal proceedings unfold, one criminal defense lawyer, David Oscar Markus, has pointed out the first question he would ask Cohen if given the opportunity.

Markus believes that the crucial question to ask Cohen would be about the details of his interactions with Trump and what kind of information he might have that could be damaging to the former president. This line of questioning is important in order to understand the extent of Cohen’s knowledge and the potential impact it could have on the case. Given Cohen’s close relationship with Trump, he is likely to have insider information that could be vital in the prosecution’s case.

As Cohen takes the stand as a witness, it is essential for the legal team to establish his credibility and reliability. Markus emphasizes the importance of verifying the information provided by Cohen and ensuring that it can be corroborated through other evidence or witness testimony. Building a strong case relies heavily on the credibility of key witnesses like Cohen, and any inconsistencies or doubts could potentially weaken the prosecution’s argument.

In addition to questioning Cohen about his interactions with Trump, Markus also highlights the significance of understanding the context and motivations behind Cohen’s actions. By delving into the reasons why Cohen chose to cooperate with the authorities and testify against Trump, the legal team can gain a better understanding of his intentions and potential biases. This information could help shape the narrative of the case and provide insight into Cohen’s credibility as a witness.

Furthermore, Markus emphasizes the importance of thorough preparation and strategic questioning when dealing with a high-profile witness like Cohen. By conducting a detailed analysis of Cohen’s past statements and actions, the legal team can anticipate potential challenges and weaknesses in his testimony. This proactive approach can help mitigate any potential risks and strengthen the prosecution’s case against Trump.

As the legal proceedings continue, Cohen’s testimony is likely to be closely scrutinized by both the prosecution and the defense. Markus stresses the significance of maintaining a critical mindset and evaluating Cohen’s statements with a discerning eye. By asking the right questions and thoroughly examining the evidence, the legal team can effectively leverage Cohen’s testimony to build a compelling case against Trump and ultimately seek justice in the courtroom.

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