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Video: GOP legislator states he stands by his vote for gun safety



In a recent interview with CNN’s Manu Raju, Texas GOP congressman Rep. Tony Gonzales opened up about his stance on gun safety, defending his advocacy for measures to protect citizens from gun violence. As he faces a runoff election against gun activist Brandon Herrera, Gonzales is standing by his decision to prioritize gun safety in his role as a congressman.

Gonzales, who represents a district that includes Uvalde, has been vocal about the need for common-sense gun laws that balance the rights of gun owners with the safety of the public. Despite facing backlash from some conservative voters for his position, Gonzales remains committed to upholding his belief that responsible gun ownership and safety measures can coexist.

In the interview, Gonzales expressed that he does not regret his voting record on gun safety, emphasizing that his priority is to protect the citizens of his district. He recognizes the importance of finding a middle ground on this contentious issue and is willing to engage in constructive dialogue with individuals who have differing viewpoints.

As he gears up for the runoff election, Gonzales is focused on highlighting his record of advocating for gun safety measures while also addressing other key issues facing his constituents. He believes that his approach to governance, which includes listening to the concerns of all his constituents and working towards bipartisan solutions, sets him apart from his opponent.

Despite facing a tough challenge from Herrera, who is known for his strong anti-gun control stance, Gonzales is confident that his track record of putting the interests of his constituents first will resonate with voters. He is hopeful that his commitment to finding practical solutions to complex issues like gun safety will ultimately earn him another term in office.

As the election draws near, Gonzales remains steadfast in his belief that protecting the rights of gun owners and promoting public safety are not mutually exclusive goals. He is committed to continuing the work of finding common ground on this important issue and is eager to serve his constituents in a way that reflects their values and priorities.

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