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Video: J.D. Vance shares the question he was asked during Trump’s VP vetting process



In a recent interview with Fox News, Republican Senator J.D. Vance from Ohio shared insights into the vetting process that potential running mate contenders for former President Donald Trump are undergoing. Vance revealed that one of the questions being asked during this process is whether the candidate would be willing to fight for Trump if he were to run again in 2024. This revelation sheds light on the priorities and criteria that Trump and his team are considering as they search for a potential running mate.

Joining Vance in the discussion were former New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and former Trump White House communications director Alyssa Farah Griffin. The panel, led by CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, delved into the implications of this vetting process and what it could mean for the Republican Party going forward. The conversation touched on the loyalty and support that Trump expects from his running mate, as well as the potential impact that this could have on the party’s future direction and leadership.

As Vance shared more details about the vetting process, it became clear that Trump is looking for someone who is not only willing to stand by his side but also actively fight for his agenda and legacy. This emphasis on loyalty and commitment to Trump’s vision could signal a shift in the Republican Party towards a more Trump-centric approach. The discussions on the panel highlighted the challenges and opportunities that this could present for the party as it seeks to navigate the post-Trump era.

The revelations from Vance’s interview raise important questions about the direction of the Republican Party and the role that Trump will continue to play in shaping its future. As potential running mates are being asked about their willingness to support Trump in a potential 2024 run, it is clear that his influence on the party remains strong. The discussion among Vance, de Blasio, Griffin, and Collins underscored the need for the party to grapple with the legacy of the Trump era and how it will impact its future prospects.

In the midst of this vetting process and the discussions surrounding Trump’s potential 2024 run, the Republican Party faces a critical moment of reckoning. The choice of a running mate who is aligned with Trump’s vision and priorities could have far-reaching implications for the party’s future. It remains to be seen how this process will unfold and what the ultimate impact will be on the GOP as it seeks to chart a course forward in a post-Trump political landscape.

Overall, Vance’s revelations about the questions being asked in Trump’s VP vetting process offer valuable insights into the priorities and criteria shaping the party’s future direction. As the Republican Party continues to navigate its relationship with Trump and his legacy, the decisions made in this vetting process will play a crucial role in determining its path forward. The discussions among Vance, de Blasio, Griffin, and Collins provide a compelling glimpse into the challenges and opportunities facing the party as it grapples with the enduring influence of the former president.

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