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Top 10 Cities That Will Be Underwater Soon Due To Climate Change



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Top 10 Cities That Will Be Underwater Soon Due To Climate Change
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There will be many more scary effects of climate change that continue to affect us in the coming years. Many cities like New York will go underwater. From major starvation to more frequent major storms, and obvious rising temperatures just to name a few things will get a little scary but before they get scary, we have an amazing sponsor that is committed to doing its part along with us here at Most amazing to help the fight against Climate change!

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Time Codes:
0:00- Intro
01:43 Jakarta, Indonesia
02:35 Dhaka, Bangladesh
03:33 Lagos, Nigeria
04:18 Bangkok, Thailand
05:02 Rotterdam, The Netherlands
05:49 Venice, Italy
06:47 New Orleans, USA
07:33 Houston, USA
08:08 Miami, USA
08:58 NYC, USA

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