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Top 10 Dark Radioactive Products Sold In History



Top 10 Dark Radioactive Products Sold In History
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Picture this, its Friday night in the early 90s, you and the gang are getting ready for a big night out, and you decide to freshen up your breath with some radiation toothpaste, and maybe after that, remove some unwanted hairs with a giant x-ray? What better way to loosen up, if you wanna feel good you gotta look good, apparently. What’s happening most amazing squad, This is the Top 10 dark radioactive products sold in history.

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Time Codes:
0:00- Intro
00:28 Doramad Toothpase
01:08 Radioactive water
01:49 Tho radia
02:29 Toys
03:36 Watches
04:31 The tricho system
05:21 Fluoroscope
06:09 Chocolate
06:56 Antiques
07:50 Vita Radium Suppositories

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