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Virginia man wins $500,000 after going out for chicken



A Virginia man named Russell Gomes recently won half a million dollars while buying chicken at a grocery store. Gomes, a tractor-trailer driver from South Boston, Virginia, decided to buy a scratch-off ticket while shopping at Food Lion. He scratched off his ticket in the store’s parking lot and was shocked to discover he had won big. Gomes plans to use his winnings to pay off a vacation he had already scheduled. The Virginia Lottery’s “Magnificent 7s” game offers prizes ranging from $20 to $500,000, and there are still two top prizes of $500,000 yet to be claimed.

The Virginia Lottery was established in 1987 after voters approved creating a state-operated lottery, with the first tickets being sold the following year. Since 1999, the Virginia Lottery has supported K-12 public education in the state with profits exceeding $867 million in 2023. This represents about 10% of the state’s K-12 education budget, with funds being distributed to counties throughout Virginia. Halifax County, where Gomes lives, received over $4.4 million in Lottery funds for K-12 education in the last fiscal year. During the 2023 fiscal year, the Virginia Lottery had sales of $4.6 billion, with over $3.5 billion distributed to winners and retailers.

With over $867 million given to public education in Virginia in 2023, the Virginia Lottery continues to make a significant impact on K-12 schools in the state. Gomes’ win of half a million dollars is just one of the many success stories that come from playing the Virginia Lottery. The Magnificent 7s game, which Gomes played, has proven to be lucrative with top prizes of $500,000. The excitement of scratching off a ticket and potentially winning a life-changing amount of money is what draws many people to play the Virginia Lottery.

Russell Gomes’ unexpected half a million dollar win while buying chicken at a grocery store showcases the unpredictable nature of playing the Virginia Lottery. His decision to buy a scratch-off ticket on a whim led to a game-changing amount of money that will allow him to pay off a vacation he had planned. With two top prizes of $500,000 still waiting to be claimed in the Magnificent 7s game, there is always a chance for another lucky winner to emerge. The Virginia Lottery continues to support public education in the state, with significant funds allocated to K-12 schools in counties across Virginia.

The impact of the Virginia Lottery on public education in the state cannot be understated, with over $867 million provided in 2023 alone. Russell Gomes’ win is a testament to the potential rewards of playing the Virginia Lottery, with substantial prizes available for lucky ticket holders. The thrill of scratching off a ticket and discovering a large sum of money is a feeling that many dream of experiencing. Gomes’ unexpected windfall is a reminder of the life-changing possibilities that come with playing the Virginia Lottery and taking a chance on winning big.

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