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Vitalik Buterin Shares Features of Ethereum He Regrets Building



Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, made a surprise appearance at the recent ETHBerlin event, where he reflected on the cryptocurrency’s origins and future. With Ethereum’s current value at $448 billion, Buterin’s insights attracted over 600 developers. Despite Ethereum’s increasing popularity and mainstream adoption, Buterin emphasized that it is often misunderstood, unlike Bitcoin, which he compared to digital gold.

During his discussion with ETHBerlin organizers, Buterin shared his memories of Berlin and his collaboration with Ethereum co-founders Gavin Wood and Jeffrey Wilcke. When asked about how he would rebuild Ethereum from scratch, Buterin highlighted the issues with Ethereum’s Virtual Machine (EVM), specifically the use of 256-bit processing instead of more efficient options like 64- or 32-bit. He also expressed regret about the delayed transition from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake, believing that a simpler version of Proof of Stake could have been implemented earlier, saving computing resources.

In addition, Buterin mentioned that Ethereum would now use SHA-2 for encryption instead of Keccak. These insights shed light on Buterin’s vision for the future of Ethereum and his willingness to learn from past mistakes to improve the platform. As Ethereum continues to evolve and expand its capabilities, Buterin’s presence at events like ETHBerlin serves as a reminder of the project’s roots and the ongoing efforts to enhance its technology and functionality.

The timing of Buterin’s appearance at ETHBerlin coincided with significant developments in the cryptocurrency world, such as the approval of a spot Ethereum exchange-traded fund in the US and the launch of a tokenized fund on the blockchain by BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager. These milestones underscore the growing acceptance and integration of cryptocurrencies into traditional financial systems, setting the stage for Ethereum’s continued growth and success in the global market.

Overall, Buterin’s presence at ETHBerlin highlighted the importance of reflection and adaptation in the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency. By addressing past challenges and proposing solutions for the future, Buterin exemplifies the innovation and resilience driving Ethereum’s development. As Ethereum navigates the complex landscape of blockchain technology, Buterin’s leadership and vision play a crucial role in shaping its trajectory and ensuring its relevance in the ever-changing digital landscape.

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