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Watch as this old Acura NSX gets its first wash in 22 years



In 1992, Acura produced only around 1,250 NSXs, with just over 400 featuring the Grand Prix White exterior and black interior. One of these rare models has been left untouched in a workshop for 22 years, gathering dust and mold. The owner has now decided to sell the iconic machine, but before doing so, he wants to give it a complete detail. Larry Kosilla from Ammo NYC was called in to tackle the challenging job of restoring the neglected NSX to its former glory.

The restoration process began with a thorough wash to eliminate the built-up grime on the car’s surface. However, a simple wash wasn’t sufficient to fully clean the mid-engine sports car. The next step involved using a clay bar to remove even more contaminants from the exterior. Inside the vehicle, decades of stagnant air had allowed white mold to grow on various surfaces, including the seats, steering wheel, and dashboard. Despite the owner’s efforts to seal the car, moisture had found its way inside, leading to mold growth even on the undercarriage.

Kosilla’s expertise and meticulous scrubbing skills were put to the test as he addressed the mold infestation and deep-seated grime on the Acura NSX. The soft and delicate paint on the car presented a challenge during the correction and polishing process, but Kosilla was able to restore the paint to a like-new condition. The careful work resulted in a glass-smooth finish, eliminating imperfections and ensuring the car looked its best before finding a new owner. Properly cleaning a car of this caliber is essential not only for aesthetic purposes but also to protect the paint and ensure the removal of any harmful mold spores.

The thorough detailing process conducted by Kosilla was crucial to preparing the moldy and neglected Acura NSX for its next chapter. A basic rinse wouldn’t have sufficed to combat the years of grime and mold that had accumulated on the vehicle. By going above and beyond with the cleaning and restoration efforts, Kosilla ensured that the car would be in prime condition for its new home. The meticulous approach taken not only restored the car’s appearance but also addressed any potential health risks associated with the presence of mold.

As a rare and sought-after model, the 1992 Acura NSX with a Grand Prix White exterior commands attention and care to maintain its value and desirability. Kosilla’s attention to detail and dedication to restoring the neglected vehicle exemplify the importance of proper car maintenance and cleaning, especially for a unique and iconic machine like the Acura NSX. With the restoration complete, the car is now ready to find a new enthusiast who will appreciate its history, performance, and stunning appearance. The transformation of the mold-covered NSX into a pristine and gleaming example highlights the transformative power of a thorough and expert detailing process.

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