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12 Best Fleece-Lined Leggings to Get You Through Winter 2023: Lululemon, Amazon, Target, Nike, UnderArmour



Come bitter cold days, you could keep sliding on your go-to pair of lightweight leggings, sure; but we’ve got a better suggestion: Stock up on the best fleece-lined leggings you can find (or that we’ve found for you, at any rate) for ultimate warmth.

To combat the cold, many companies work brushed fleece into the fabric or interior of their leggings, which involves a finishing process that raises fleece fibers to create a soft, plushy surface. These types of thermal leggings make for excellent base layers under your pants or over your tights, are usually sweat- and wind-resistant enough for hikes, winter workouts, and errand runs, and are versatile enough for relaxing in a drafty room.

Of course, not all leggings are the same (despite what you may think). Some are fitted while others are looser joggers for comfort; some are high-waisted with drawstrings and zippered pockets, while others are straightforward and streamlined. We’ve handpicked some of the best fleece-lined leggings, including SELF Activewear Award winners, from Amazon, Lululemon, Target, Nordstrom, Nike, Athleta, Stio, and more.

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