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23 Jeans for Thick Thighs That Won’t Gap at the Waist 2022: Everlane, Levi’s, Madewell, Good American



It’s no secret that finding the best jeans for thick thighs feels like a nearly impossible task. You’re likely to find yourself stuck between sizes in denim limbo—too small and they won’t fit over your legs, too big and you’re left with a gap at the waist. You might also deal with extra wear-and-tear on the fabric around your inner thighs, cutting down the lifespan of your jeans. Rest assured that none of this is your burden to bear; instead, it should fall on the shoulders of fashion brands that are stuck in the past and too stubborn (or fatphobic) to construct denim for all body shapes.

What should you look for when buying jeans for thick and athletic thighs?

When looking for your perfect fit, first it’s a good idea to take down your measurements. You can then try your best to match them to brands’ waist sizes and inseams, thus reducing your risk of having to haul your jeans to the tailor. You’ll also want to look for jeans that are made with stretchier denim, which typically includes percentages of spandex, elastane, and viscose. This means your jeans will wear down more slowly, since they have more give. Lastly, read reviews from folks around your size. It might seem like a basic tip, but it gives you an idea of how they’ll fit—especially if you’re shopping online.

To save you the leg work (wink) and stop you from wasting more time and money on more ill-fitting jeans, we tapped fellow members of the quad squad—including current and former SELF staffers, influencers, trainers, everyday athletes, and plus-size bloggers—to recommend their favorite jeans for curves and bigger thighs. Among the list are straight leg, high-waisted, bootcut, palazzo, and more style jeans from brands like Good American, Everlane, Torrid, Madewell, and more.

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