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Dyson Airwrap Complete Review 2022: This Hair Styling Tool Is Worth the Hype—With a Few Caveats



Users can customize the air flow speed and air temperature by toggling small buttons on the device. There’s also a “cool shot” option, which blows out a stream of cold air to set hair.

The Pros

Attachment Updates Are a Big Improvement From Previous Models

I was in the midst of testing a previous model of the Dyson Airwrap—the First Generation—when the brand announced the new Airwrap Complete. As a result, I ended up testing both (though this review is largely focused on the newer model). This ended up being useful because I was able to see how much of an upgrade the second-generation Airwrap model really is.

In the previous Airwrap model, the device came with four curling barrels—two 1.2-inch barrels (one that set curls in one direction, and another that set curls the other way) and two 1.6-inch barrels (same as the 1.2-inch)—in addition to the blow dryer, brush, and round brush attachments. If you wanted barrels suited for longer hair, you’d have to purchase them separately. With this model, you can buy a device that includes attachments suited for longer hair from the get-go.

Further, in the previous model, you’d have to detach and swap attachments midway through styling if you wanted to curl your hair in a different direction. This ended up adding a lot of clutter, time, and manual gymnastics to my hairstyling routine. In the Airwrap Complete, there’s just one barrel for each curl size, and all you have to do is gently toggle it at the top to change curl direction. The other attachments have been updated as well, though the updates are not as noticeable, in my opinion. The only other big change is the rough dry attachment, which now also has a flyaway smoother setting.

All Dyson Airwrap Attachments Are Universal


Though the Airwrap Complete comes with attachments, Dyson sells attachments separately, too. If, for any reason, you need to use a new attachment with an older Airwrap base model—or an older attachment with the newer Airwrap Complete—you’ll be able to mix and match without a problem. You can easily replace attachments by buying them individually online, or test the upgraded attachments with your older device if you already have one at home. The wide tooth comb attachment ($40) is also available for separate purchase if you didn’t buy the curly/coily set, which includes it in place of the soft smoothing brush.

The Results Are Incomparable

I don’t imagine that I’ll ever learn how to adequately take a blowdryer and round brush to my hair and walk away with a final product that looks even semi-professional. But I can spend 35 minutes with the Airwrap and get a salon-level result. The Airwrap came in very handy throughout my wedding weekend (which I wrote about here, too)—I styled my own hair for all of the dinners, brunches, and activities we had for family and out-of-town guests, and my friends were genuinely shocked that it wasn’t done at a salon.

The Cons

It’s Expensive and Hard to Purchase

Had I not received the product to test for free, I didn’t foresee myself justifying the $600 it costs to buy the Airwrap on my own. If I had more cash put away for expenses like these, or knew that I wanted to save for one over a period of time, I could more easily foresee myself justifying the purchase.

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