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Eucerin Q10 Anti-Wrinkle + Pro Retinol Night Cream Review: A Great Anti-Aging Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin



Until recently, I avoided retinol, thinking it’d irritate my comically sensitive, dry skin. But then I ordered a jar of Eucerin Q10 Anti Wrinkle Pro Retinol Night Cream during the last Amazon Prime Day sale and found what I was missing. The results were so good, in fact, that I had to write a review.

As someone who’s spent a lot of time writing and thinking about skin care, I was already aware of some of the potential benefits of using retinol. It’s one of the most frequently dermatologist-recommended ingredients for anti-aging, firming, and brightening, and it can even help reduce acne (of both the facial and back variety). Seeing it appear in a rich, hydrating face cream from an affordable drugstore brand that caters to temperamental skin like mine was just the nudge I needed to take the leap. And it turns out I had very little to worry about. Not only does this fragrance-free night moisturizer, which is sometimes marketed as a night creme instead of cream, quench my husk-like skin, but it also relieves redness and smooths out my rough, uneven skin texture—with zero irritation to speak of. 

How It Works

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For those who aren’t familiar with retinol, here’s some quick and dirty product information: It’s a derivative of vitamin A that speeds up skin cell turnover, so dead skin sheds more quickly, the skin’s barrier gets stronger, and collagen production gets a nice boost. Since it’s causing new skin cells to emerge, it can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and make skin feel smoother in general. The type of retinol in Eucerin’s Q10 Anti Wrinkle Pro Retinol Night Cream is formulated to be non-irritating and gentle on a variety of skin types—plus, its effects are bolstered by a few other key ingredients.

In addition to retinol, this face moisturizer contains the antioxidant coenzyme q10 which, like fellow antioxidant vitamin C, has been found to reduce signs of aging like facial wrinkles. Then there’s the veritable slew of moisturizing ingredients, including vitamin E (aka tocopherol, which, disclaimer—can clog pores in some people), shea butter, and glycerin, all of which help hydrate and soften skin. In short, this Eucerin face cream is made to deliver a one-two punch in terms of hydration and rejuvenation. It provides near-instant dryness and redness relief upon application and, after a few weeks of use, I had healthy-looking skin that was noticeably smoother and softer to the touch.

How To Use It

Retinol can be a tricky product to incorporate into a sensitive skin routine—at least not without incurring irritation, flaking, dryness, and general discomfort—but it’s not impossible to do so. 


For starters, always do a patch test before slathering it all over your face. I dabbed a little bit of the cream on the inside of my wrist before bed and checked for any reactions the following morning. When I woke up to a clear patch, I felt confident enough to use it that night as the second-to-last step in my skin care routine, after my cleanser and right before slugging. 

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