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What is Colorado’s plan for when Shedeur Sanders, Travis Hunter, and others leave?



Deion Sanders, also known as “Coach Prime,” faced a challenging 2023 season coaching the Colorado Buffaloes football team. With key losses and lack of depth in important positions, such as quarterback, offensive line, and defensive line, the team struggled to a 4-8 record. Sanders has yet to secure a high school quarterback to follow in his son Shedeur Sanders’ footsteps. As the team heads into the 2024 season, there are concerns about the lack of urgency in addressing these glaring issues.

Heading into the new season, Sanders is looking to maintain his 40-40-20 roster makeup philosophy, hoping to balance transfers, grad transfers, and high school recruits. However, there have been significant departures from last year’s team, including important contributors like running back Dylan Edwards and several cornerbacks. This turnover may present challenges for the team as they face a tough Big 12 schedule with potential playoff implications.

Furthermore, Sanders’ lack of urgency in strengthening the offensive line has raised concerns, especially after quarterback Shedeur Sanders suffered season-ending injuries due to frequent sacks in the previous year. The team must address these issues quickly to improve their performance and prevent another disappointing season. With tough competition ahead in the Big 12, including teams that played in bowl games last year, Colorado needs to be prepared for a demanding season.

As Prime continues to implement his coaching strategies from his Jackson State days, he faces scrutiny for not retaining key players and failing to secure a top high school quarterback to fill the void left by his son. The pressure is mounting for Sanders to produce results and meet the high expectations set by fans and the program. With a challenging schedule and stiff competition in the Big 12, the Buffaloes must step up their game to avoid another losing season.

In the upcoming 2024 season, Colorado will face a crucial test of their abilities and Sanders’ coaching prowess. With a roster that includes a mix of transfers, grad transfers, and incoming freshmen, the team must work towards cohesion and improvement to compete at a high level. As expectations rise and fans demand better results, Sanders must navigate these challenges and make the necessary adjustments to lead the Buffaloes to success on the field.

Overall, Deion Sanders faces a pivotal season with the Colorado Buffaloes as he strives to build a competitive team and contend in the Big 12 conference. With a sense of urgency needed to address critical weaknesses and secure key players, Sanders must demonstrate his coaching acumen and ability to lead the team to victory. The upcoming season will be a test of Sanders’ leadership and the resilience of the Buffaloes as they aim to turn their fortunes around and compete at a higher level in college football.

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