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Where can you find Europe’s most cost-effective Michelin-starred restaurant?



The Michelin Guide, a prestigious restaurant rating system established 124 years ago in France, features over 3,500 restaurants in 40 countries. Research from Chef’s Pencil reveals that the median price for dining at these Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe is €167, not including drinks, tips, or extra charges. Denmark ranks as the most expensive country in Europe to dine at a Michelin restaurant, with an average cost of €295 for a tasting menu and €416 in Copenhagen. Iceland, Sweden, Austria, and Switzerland follow as the next priciest options.

Despite the high prices in certain European countries, there are also affordable options for dining at Michelin-starred restaurants. Malta, with an average cost of €125 per person, is the most budget-friendly option. Greece, Slovenia, Belgium, and Turkey also offer Michelin-starred meals for less than €140 per head. More affordable options can be found in these countries as well, making it possible for fine dining enthusiasts to experience high-quality cuisine without breaking the bank.

Looking beyond Europe, countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, and the United States also rank among the most expensive for dining at Michelin restaurants. Hong Kong has a median price of €248 per person, Singapore follows with €225, and the United States averages €211 for the priciest tasting menus. On the other hand, Vietnam and Brazil are among the most affordable countries worldwide for Michelin dining, with dinners costing an average of €121 and €124 per head, respectively. China is another budget-friendly option, with Michelin meals available for an average of €128 per person.

Overall, Europe is home to both the most expensive and the most affordable Michelin-starred restaurants globally. While countries like Denmark and Iceland offer premium dining experiences at a high cost, options in Malta, Greece, and other European nations provide a more budget-friendly way to enjoy Michelin-rated cuisine. Whether you’re a foodie looking to splurge on a fine dining experience or seeking a high-quality meal at an affordable price, there are plenty of options to choose from in Europe and beyond.

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