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WNBA veteran ejected after clotheslining Angel Reese: ‘I kept going and kept pushing’



Angel Reese, a rookie player for the Chicago Sky, had an intense moment during a game against the Connecticut Sun when she was clotheslined by veteran player Alyssa Thomas. The incident resulted in Thomas being ejected from the game after being called for a flagrant foul 2. Despite the rough play, Reese took it in stride, viewing it as a learning experience and a test of her resilience. She emphasized that she wants to be treated like any other player on the court and welcomes the physicality and aggression from her opponents.

Reese, who finished the game with 13 points, five rebounds, and two assists, expressed that she doesn’t expect special treatment as a rookie in the WNBA. She believes in giving her all on the court, regardless of her experience level, and wants her opponents to challenge her to improve her game. Reese also mentioned her history with Thomas, as both players were teammates at the University of Maryland, and she appreciated the tough competition they faced during their college days.

Despite the physical altercation with Thomas, Reese maintains a positive attitude and acknowledges the competitive nature of professional basketball. She sees these challenges as opportunities to grow and become a stronger player. Reese’s dedication to the game is evident in her performance during the 2024 season, where she is averaging 12.3 points and 7.8 rebounds. Her resilience and determination on the court have earned her respect from her teammates and opponents alike.

As a young player in the WNBA, Reese is focused on continuing to develop her skills and make a positive impact on her team. She embraces the competitive nature of the game and welcomes the challenges that come with facing experienced players like Thomas. Reese’s willingness to learn from tough situations and her ability to bounce back from adversity will serve her well as she navigates her rookie season in the league.

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