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Xembly, an Enterprise AI company, abruptly discontinues service for users, citing plans for a ‘new chapter’



Enterprise AI company Xembly has announced the discontinuation of its customer-facing service, including its AI assistant Xena, due to recent changes in underlying AI platforms that made it challenging to continue operating. The decision to wind up Xembly as a business was communicated to users on May 30, with the enterprise AI service ceasing on June 1. Despite this, the company’s team is eager to explore new boundaries in the field of AI and will be sharing updates with users in the future. Xembly, founded in 2020 in Seattle, has been a pioneer in AI assistants long before the current surge in generative AI technology.

Over the years, Xembly has raised $20 million from investors including Norwest Venture Partners, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and others, with the most recent funding round of $15 million in October 2022. The enterprise AI company has served big-name clients such as Salesforce, Qualtrics, and Twilio, helping them save hundreds of thousands of hours of valuable work time. Xembly’s co-founder and CEO Pete Christothoulou, a seasoned industry professional, previously led Marchex, a publicly traded call and conversational analytics company. The company was spun out of Madrona Venture Labs and employed 45 people as of August 2023.

Xembly’s AI assistant Xena was designed to handle various tasks such as scheduling meetings, taking meeting notes, and tracking action items. Described as an AI “Chief of Staff” or executive assistant, Xena aimed to streamline workflow and reduce manual work for users. One user, David Witkowski of Oku Solutions, expressed disappointment over the discontinuation of the service, highlighting its accuracy in recognizing voices and creating action item summaries. Xembly differentiated itself from competitors like Microsoft by positioning its productivity platform as an “autopilot” rather than a “co-pilot.”

In response to the closure, Xembly advised users to save their data by downloading videos, or sharing summaries via email or Google Docs by May 31. After this date, access to Xembly through the web, Chrome extension, or Slack app would no longer be available. While the company has not provided detailed information about its upcoming endeavors, the promise of a new chapter suggests that the team is committed to advancing the field of AI despite the setback. Xembly’s founders, including CTO Jason Flaks and Chief Growth Officer Peter Francis, have played integral roles in the company’s growth and success.

As the enterprise AI landscape continues to evolve rapidly, Xembly’s decision to discontinue its services reflects the challenges in staying competitive in the AI industry. However, the company’s legacy of innovative AI solutions and commitment to productivity enhancement for businesses leave a lasting impact on the sector. With an experienced leadership team at the helm, Xembly’s journey may have come to an end, but its influence on the development of AI technology remains significant.

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