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Zelenskyy of Ukraine dismisses head of state guard due to assassination plot



The Ukrainian State Security Service recently uncovered a plot to assassinate President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, allegedly involving two members of the state guards. Following these allegations, Zelenskyy took swift action by firing the head of the state guards, Serhiy Rud. The State Security Service reported that the planned assassinations were intended as a “gift” for Russian President Vladimir Putin as he began a new term in office.

The two state guards involved in the plot, both colonels, had allegedly planned to take Zelenskyy hostage and then kill him. Additionally, other key officials such as SBU head Vasyl Maliuk and Kyrylo Budanov, the head of the military intelligence agency, were also targeted in the failed assassination attempt. Despite these revelations, Moscow has yet to comment on the allegations made by the SBU, which also claimed that the two bodyguards had shared sensitive information with Russia’s FSB.

This is not the first assassination attempt that Zelenskyy has faced, as he previously stated that at least five Russian plots have been thwarted since the start of the war. The Ukrainian leader’s administration has been grappling with various challenges in recent months, including a lack of progress in the country’s conflict with Russia and accusations of corruption among officials. In response to these issues, Zelenskyy has made changes to key positions, such as appointing Oleksandr Syrskyii as the new army chief after dismissing General Valerii Zaluzhny in February.

In light of these latest developments, the situation in Ukraine remains tense as security concerns continue to pose a threat to the stability of the country. Zelenskyy’s decisive actions in response to the assassination plot demonstrate his commitment to ensuring the safety of himself and other high-ranking officials. The ongoing conflict with Russia and the challenges of addressing corruption within the government further underscore the complexities of governance in Ukraine. As the country navigates these turbulent times, it remains to be seen how Zelenskyy’s leadership will shape the future of Ukraine and its relations with neighboring nations.

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