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‘Top Chef: World All-Stars’: The First 2 Chefs Have Been Eliminated From ‘Last Chance Kitchen’



For Top Chef  Season 20, contestants who competed in international versions of the Bravo cooking competition show, including many who won or finished in the finals, returned for World All-Stars. By episode 3, four chefs have been eliminated from the main competition. However, they can win their way back into the game by competing in Last Chance Kitchen. Two chefs have already been officially eliminated.

Samuel Albert is the first officially eliminated from ‘Top Chef: World All-Stars’

Top Chef: France winner Samuel Albert was the first eliminated when he failed to deliver in the vegetable-forward dish challenge. He faced Top Chef: Portland finalist Dawn Burrell in the first episode of Last Chance Kitchen as her crispy rice cut her from the main competition.

The two were tasked with recreating their former winning dishes using the same protein in 30 minutes. Sam decided to incorporate his Japanese French fusion into the salmon-based dish, but the time constraint concerned him.

Dawn had a few mishaps as she made her lamb-focused meal, including tomatoes she tried to char in the wood-fired oven and a spicy shito. Regardless, celebrity chef Tom Colicchio preferred her flavorful dish over Sam’s as he criticized the salmon for lacking seasoning.

Therefore, the France champion is officially the first eliminated from Top Chef: World All-Stars.

Dawn Burrell was also eliminated from ‘Top Chef’ Season 20

In episode 3, the remaining chefs had to team up and present elevated pub bar dishes. Canada winner Dale MacKay and Thailand finalist Phattanant “May” Thongthong’s decision to play it safe with their take on the scotch egg ultimately sent the duo into Last Chance Kitchen.


Also competing against Dawn, the trio faced off with their reimagined version of a UK-based pub dish, Welsh rarebit. The contestants weren’t familiar with it, and Dawn decided to approach it like a grilled cheese.

She chose to add kimchi and cheddar cream but got concerned when she noticed Dale didn’t seem to grab ingredients that had anything to do with the rarebit. May and Dale elevated the dish by deconstructing it. She used beer foam while he added asparagus and incorporated a red wine twist.

Tom and food writer Gail Simmons chose Dale as the winner because they considered his dish the most creative while maintaining the original flavor profile. They eliminated Dawn over May because they thought the Portland finalist’s entree wasn’t cohesive. By episode 3, former teammates May and Dale remain in the competition. Last Chance Kitchen is available to watch on YouTube.

Who is still competing in ‘Top Chef: World All-Stars?’

Luciana Berry – Brazil Top Chef Brasil Season 2 winner

Sara Bradley – Top Chef (USA): Season 16 finalist

Ali Ghzawi – Top Chef (MENA): Season 3 winner

Tom Goetter – Top Chef Germany: Season 1


Nicole Gomes – Top Chef Canada: Season 5 winner

Victoire Gouloubi – Top Chef Italia: Season 2 finalist

Charbel Hayek – Top Chef (MENA) winner

Buddha Lo – Top Chef Season 19 winner

Begoña Rodrigo – Top Chef Spain: Season 1 winner

Gabriel “Gabri” Rodriguez – Top Chef México: Season 2 winner

Amar Santana – Top Chef (USA): Season 13 finalist


Sylwia Stachyra – Top Chef (Poland): Season 7 winner

Top Chef: World All-Stars airs Thursdays on Bravo.

Source: Cheat Sheet

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