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Burger King to Introduce $5 Value Meal to Rival McDonald’s



Burger King is set to debut a new value meal called the $5 ‘Your Way Meal’ ahead of schedule in response to competitor chains launching meal deals of their own. This meal will include a choice of three sandwiches, chicken nuggets, fries, and a drink, with the promotion expected to last for several months once it begins. In addition to this value meal, Burger King is currently promoting a $6 ‘Birthday Meal’ to celebrate its 70th anniversary, featuring a Whopper Jr., small fries, small drink, and a slice of “birthday pie.”

The new Burger King meal deal announcement coincides with rival McDonald’s preparing to launch its own $5 meal deal, which includes a choice of a McDouble or McChicken sandwich, four-piece McNugget, medium fries, and a drink for a limited time at participating restaurants starting in late June. Wendy’s is also getting in on the action with a limited-time combo meal, available only during breakfast hours. Wendy’s had previously offered a ‘Four for $4’ meal similar to what McDonald’s and Burger King will be offering for $5.

Fast food prices have been on the rise since 2019, with industry prices as a whole increasing by 22%. Factors contributing to this rise include increased wages and the rising cost of ingredients. McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski noted that industry traffic is slowing, leading to a greater demand for reliable everyday value from customers. With Wendy’s considering ‘surge pricing’ earlier in the year, the move was met with backlash on social media, prompting the chain to clarify that they had no plans to implement the changes.

In order to stay competitive in the fast-food market, Burger King decided to introduce their $5 ‘Your Way Meal’ earlier than planned to better compete with McDonald’s new offering. Despite the challenges posed by rising prices, like the cost of Memorial Day cookouts increasing by 50% in one year due to rising prices of BBQ staples, fast-food chains are still looking for ways to offer value to their customers. These value deals and limited-time promotions are a way for chains like Burger King, McDonald’s, and Wendy’s to attract customers in a market where fast food is considered a luxury by nearly 80% of Americans due to high prices.

As the fast-food industry continues to face challenges in terms of rising prices, chain restaurants are adapting by offering value meals and promotions to attract customers. With the introduction of the $5 ‘Your Way Meal’ at Burger King and McDonald’s limited-time $5 meal deal, customers have more options to choose from when looking for affordable fast-food options. Despite the challenges posed by rising costs, these chains are finding ways to provide value to their customers in an ever-changing market. For more lifestyle articles, visit

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