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Former Iowa star football player claims Caitlin Clark responded strongly to one-on-one comment



Former Iowa football standout and current Philadelphia Eagles draft pick, Cooper DeJean, recently provided an update on his challenge to basketball superstar Caitlin Clark. DeJean, who was a standout high school basketball player in Iowa before pursuing football, claimed he could beat Clark one-on-one on the court. After his remarks, Clark texted him, doubting his ability to defeat her. Despite this, DeJean expressed his respect for Clark’s accomplishments and suggested that a matchup between the two would be fun, although no date has been set.

During an appearance on “Up and Adams,” DeJean discussed his belief that he could “pull off” a win against Clark in basketball. While host Kay Adams was skeptical, DeJean pointed to his high school basketball career, where he scored 1,832 points, surpassing NBA player Harrison Barnes’ total for Iowa. Despite his confidence, he acknowledged that Clark, the all-time leading scorer in Division 1 college basketball, would present a formidable opponent. Clark was recently selected as the No. 1 pick in the 2024 WNBA Draft by the Indiana Fever.

While the potential one-on-one matchup between DeJean and Clark remains uncertain, the friendly rivalry between the two athletes has captured the attention of fans. DeJean’s transition from high school basketball star to NFL draft pick highlights his versatility and athleticism. Meanwhile, Clark’s record-breaking collegiate career and recent selection in the WNBA Draft position her as a rising star in women’s basketball. As the two prepare for their respective seasons, the possibility of a basketball showdown between DeJean and Clark adds an intriguing element to their already impressive athletic journeys.

DeJean’s willingness to challenge himself against a talented basketball player like Clark demonstrates his competitive spirit and desire to test his skills against top-tier opponents. Despite choosing football over basketball as his primary sport, DeJean’s background as a successful high school basketball player suggests that he has the skills to hold his own on the court. Clark’s response to DeJean’s challenge reflects her confidence in her abilities and competitive nature, setting the stage for a potentially exciting matchup between the two athletes. As they continue to excel in their respective sports, fans eagerly await the possibility of witnessing this friendly rivalry unfold on the basketball court.

As DeJean and Clark navigate their professional careers in football and basketball, respectively, the prospect of a one-on-one matchup between the two athletes adds a unique dynamic to their journeys. Their shared background as standout athletes in Iowa and their competitive spirits make them compelling figures in the sports world. While the outcome of a potential basketball game between DeJean and Clark remains uncertain, their friendly banter and mutual respect for each other’s talents showcase the camaraderie and sportsmanship that define the world of athletics. As fans eagerly anticipate the possibility of this exciting matchup, both DeJean and Clark continue to make their mark in their respective sports, inspiring others with their dedication, skill, and passion for competition.

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