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Radio legend criticizes Tom Brady Netflix roast as the ‘worst piece of garbage’



Tom Brady’s recent Netflix roast received praise from many viewers, but not everyone was impressed. Christopher “Mad Dog” Russo publicly criticized the special on ESPN’s “First Take,” calling it “the worst piece of garbage” he had seen in a long time. Russo targeted everyone involved in the roast, including Kevin Hart, Jeff Ross, and former New England Patriots figures, questioning how Brady could subject himself to such nonsense. He also took a jab at Bob Kraft, suggesting the 85-year-old Patriots owner should act his age instead of participating in the roast.

Russo’s harsh criticism of the Netflix roast caught many by surprise, as he expressed a preference for the classic style of roasts popularized by Dean Martin. He criticized the lack of humor and excessive use of bad language in the special, particularly singling out Kevin Hart and Jeff Ross for not being funny. Russo’s scathing review contrasted with the positive reception the roast received from most viewers who enjoyed the comedic jabs and playful banter among the participants.

Even Gisele Bündchen, Brady’s wife, was reportedly disappointed with the jokes directed at her during the roast. The supermodel was said to be unhappy with the content of the jokes aimed at her and expressed her disappointment following the special. Despite the mixed reactions from critics like Russo and Bündchen, the majority of viewers seemed to enjoy the light-hearted and entertaining nature of the roast, which featured a star-studded lineup of comedians and athletes poking fun at Brady and each other.

Brady’s roast also featured appearances by Gronkowski and other former Patriots players, adding an extra layer of humor and nostalgia for football fans. The roast was part of the Netflix Is a Joke Festival and showcased the quarterback’s good-natured attitude and willingness to laugh at himself. While some may have found the content inappropriate or offensive, many viewers appreciated the roast for its entertainment value and the opportunity to see Brady in a different light outside of his football career.

In the end, the Netflix roast of Tom Brady proved to be a polarizing event, with some praising its humor and others criticizing its content. Despite the negative feedback from Russo and Bündchen, the majority of viewers seemed to enjoy the light-hearted atmosphere and playful exchanges among the participants. The roast provided a unique opportunity for fans to see a different side of the legendary quarterback and his fellow celebrities, adding a fun twist to the traditional roast format. As with any form of comedy, taste is subjective, and what one person finds funny, another may find offensive. Overall, the Netflix roast of Tom Brady was a success in entertaining audiences and showcasing the quarterback’s sense of humor and humility.

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