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The Impact of Women-Only Adventure Travel on Jordan’s Tourism Sector



In Jordan, female tour guides are challenging stereotypes and breaking barriers in the male-dominated tourism industry. Fatima Al Nawafleh, a female guide in Petra, emphasizes that Islam does not have to limit women and that she does her job with dignity and ability. While conservative beliefs have traditionally held women back from pursuing careers outside the home, there is a growing demand for female-led travel experiences in Jordan.

Ayman Abd Alkareem, the co-founder of Experience Jordan, recognized this demand and began organizing trips for women, led by women. The company now works with six female adventure guides, a significant increase from when they started. Female tour groups are not only providing unique travel experiences but also bridging cultural divides by giving visibility to local women who are often hidden behind closed doors.

Despite the progress being made, female tour guides still face challenges in remote communities where the ‘male ego’ can be an obstacle. Wafa’a El Khativ, another female guide working with Experience Jordan, acknowledges that the lack of locally-based female guides and the preference for male guides in certain communities can make her job challenging. However, she remains determined to pursue her passion for adventure and provide memorable experiences for travelers.

Female tour guides in Jordan are not only changing the face of tourism but also empowering women to step outside traditional roles and explore their potential. As more women choose to defy societal expectations and venture into the male-dominated tourism industry, they are paving the way for future generations of female guides. With increased visibility and demand for female-led travel experiences, women in Jordan are breaking barriers and shaping the future of tourism in the country.

The presence of female guides in Jordan is also highlighting the unique cultural experiences that women can offer, providing access to female-led projects and local communities that are often overlooked. By participating in women-only travel groups, tourists can gain deeper insights into Jordanian culture and daily life, creating meaningful connections with local women. Female tour guides play a crucial role in showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Jordan and breaking stereotypes about traditional gender roles.

As the tourism industry in Jordan continues to evolve, female tour guides are playing an essential role in diversifying the travel experience and promoting gender equality. By challenging stereotypes and breaking barriers, these women are not only changing the face of tourism but also empowering future generations of female guides. With a growing demand for female-led travel experiences, women in Jordan are reshaping the narrative of tourism and inspiring others to pursue their passions despite societal expectations.

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