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This new rail line connects three sunny European countries in just two hours



Embark on a thrilling European rail adventure this summer with a new route launched by Slovenian Railways. The route spans three countries and eight towns and cities, taking passengers on a journey through Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia in just two hours. This route, which was previously closed over 30 years ago, has been revived for the summer months until 30 September 2024. The best part? Tickets start at just €8 one way, making it an affordable way to explore the beauty of these European destinations.

The train journey begins in the picturesque port city of Trieste in northeastern Italy, known for its elegant waterside palaces and Art Nouveau cafes. From there, the train crosses the border into Slovenia, stopping at four stations along the way – Sežana, Divača, Pivka, and Ilirska Bistrica. If you’re a cycling enthusiast, make sure to stop off at Ilirska Bistrica where you can rent e-bikes and explore the area’s forested tracks with stunning mountain views in the background.

As the train continues into Croatia, it makes stops at Šapjane and Opatija Matulji before reaching its final destination, Rijeka. Opatija Matulji is a great place to spend the night, with its neighboring resort of rococo villas and grand hotels overlooking the beautiful Adriatic Sea. Rijeka is another charming port city with promenades lined with Habsburg-era palaces and a theater decorated by the famous artist Gustav Klimt.

Trains run daily in both directions until 30 September 2024, departing from Villa Opicina station in Trieste at 7.50 am. The journey includes stops at Ilirska Bistrica and Rijeka before returning to Villa Opicina in the evening. Single adult tickets for the entire journey start at €8, but individual tickets for each leg of the journey are also available for those who plan on hopping on and off at different stops along the way. The operators of the route aim to make it a permanent feature in the future, providing a convenient and affordable way to explore these European destinations.

Overall, this European rail adventure offered by Slovenian Railways is a perfect way to spend a long weekend exploring three different countries and experiencing the charm of eight towns and cities along the way. With affordable ticket prices starting at just €8, this journey is accessible to all travelers looking to immerse themselves in the beauty and culture of Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, history buff, or simply looking for a unique travel experience, this new train route is sure to offer a memorable and enjoyable journey through some of Europe’s most stunning landscapes and destinations.

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