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Why You Definitely Should Pre-Fill Your Engine’s Oil Filter



Pre-filling your engine’s oil filter before an oil change is a controversial topic among car enthusiasts, with various theories floating around online. However, Lake Speed Jr. from The Motor Oil Geek YouTube channel took it upon himself to provide real, scientific proof as to why pre-lubing the filter is crucial. In a video collaboration with dyno expert Don MacKaskill, they conducted an experiment using a V-8 engine on an engine stand. The results were clear – running an engine with a dry filter led to no oil pressure at all, highlighting the importance of pre-filling the filter.

It is true that when you perform an oil change, there will be some residual oil coating the internals of the engine. However, this thin layer of residual film is not enough to properly lubricate components such as rod bearings, especially during the initial startup. Speed Jr. emphasizes that choosing not to pre-fill the filter can result in increased wear on the engine. While pre-filling the filter is essential, some cars have filters mounted in awkward positions, making the task challenging. In such cases, modern cars offer a solution known as “clear flood mode,” which allows the oil to circulate to the filter without starting the engine.

In the experiment conducted by Speed Jr. and MacKaskill, it was evident that priming the engine after the oil had circulated through to the filter resulted in immediate oil pressure buildup. This demonstration served as tangible evidence that pre-filling the filter is crucial for engine health and longevity. It is a simple yet effective step that can prevent potential damage and unnecessary wear on vital engine components. By taking the time to pre-lube the filter during an oil change, you are ensuring that your engine receives the necessary lubrication from the moment it starts running.

While pre-filling the oil filter may seem like a minor step in the oil change process, its impact on engine performance and longevity should not be overlooked. The experiment conducted by Speed Jr. and MacKaskill serves as a reminder of the importance of this simple yet crucial task. By pre-filling the filter, you are providing immediate lubrication to critical engine components, reducing the risk of damage and wear. In essence, pre-lubing the filter is an essential maintenance practice that should be incorporated into every oil change routine to ensure optimal engine health.

In conclusion, the debate surrounding whether to pre-fill the oil filter during an oil change has been put to rest with the help of real, scientific evidence. The experiment conducted by The Motor Oil Geek YouTube channel clearly demonstrated the significant impact pre-filling the filter has on engine oil pressure and overall performance. While some may argue that the residual oil in the engine is sufficient, it is evident that pre-lubing the filter is a necessary step to ensure proper lubrication of vital engine components. By incorporating this practice into your oil change routine, you are taking proactive measures to protect your engine and prolong its lifespan. Remember, a small step like pre-filling the oil filter can make a big difference in the long-term health of your engine.

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