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Venice makes €1 million from daytripper entrance fees in first 11 days.



Venice recently implemented an entry fee for daytrippers visiting the city, sparking protests and confusion among residents and tourists alike. The fee, set at €5, aims to deter those who only stay for a day and bring in less economic benefit compared to overnight tourists. However, many residents are critical of the fee, arguing that it fails to address more pressing issues like the city’s housing crisis. Despite the initial controversies, Venice managed to earn €1 million in the first 11 days of the tourist tax, exceeding expectations.

The launch of the entry fee on April 25 was met with protests from residents and confusion from tourists. While visitors who have booked overnight accommodation are exempt from the fee, they still need to register their presence on the booking platform. Many visitors found the online ticket purchasing process cumbersome, and stewards had to assist tourists in getting their QR codes. Critics of the fee, including former mayor Massimo Cacciari, have deemed it “absurd” and against the freedom of movement, urging tourists not to pay.

Despite the significant revenue generated in the first 11 days of the fee being in effect, Venice saw no reduction in tourist numbers. In fact, the measure was considered a failure by some city councillors, as the flow of tourists remained unchanged. The city council group criticized the fee for merely bringing in money without addressing the underlying issues of the city. This lack of impact has raised concerns about the effectiveness of the entry fee in achieving its intended purpose.

Numerous news sites have published articles offering tips on how visitors can avoid paying the entry fee. Supporters of Venice’s football team can attend matches without the fee, and residents can invite guests to the city by providing them with a code, exempting them from the charge. Some activists have gone as far as creating unofficial websites to enable the sharing of friend codes to help daytrippers bypass the fee. These alternative methods have been highlighted to provide visitors with options to navigate around the new entry fee in Venice.

In conclusion, the implementation of an entry fee for daytrippers in Venice has stirred mixed reactions among residents and tourists. While the fee has generated significant revenue for the city, it has failed to reduce tourist numbers as intended. Critics argue that the fee overlooks more critical issues faced by the city, such as the housing crisis. News sources have also shared alternative ways for visitors to avoid paying the fee, highlighting the creative methods some are using to navigate around the new charge. Overall, the debate around Venice’s entry fee continues as stakeholders grapple with its implications on the city’s tourism and economy.

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