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Les navetteurs français bénéficieront de transports en commun gratuits vers le Luxembourg



A new pilot scheme in Luxembourg will offer free public transport to French commuters living in municipalities bordering the country. This initiative aims to reduce traffic congestion on the road linking Luxembourg and France while providing environmental benefits. The scheme is a collaborative effort by six French communities near the border, and it will operate during peak hours in the morning and evening. By offering a free shuttle to transport workers into Luxembourg, the project is set to benefit both commuters and the environment.

The scheme was developed by Communauté de Communes de Cattenom et Environs, which is composed of six municipalities in France. The cost of the initiative is estimated to be around €730,000. Commuters will be picked up by the free French-side shuttle and dropped off at the border in Mondorff. From there, they will have to cross the border on foot and reach Mondorf-les-Bains in Luxembourg. Once in Luxembourg, they can take advantage of the free public transport network to reach their final destination. With over 120,000 French workers commuting to Luxembourg daily, this scheme aims to address the transportation challenges faced by cross-border commuters.

Luxembourg is the only country in the world to offer free public transport, and it has struggled to incentivize commuters to switch from cars to public transportation. This new scheme for French commuters is a step towards improving cross-border transportation and reducing reliance on cars. By increasing convenience and accessibility to public transport, the initiative is expected to have a positive impact on the environment by reducing traffic congestion and lowering carbon emissions. The scheme is part of a larger effort to enhance transportation links between Luxembourg and France, including plans to increase train services and extend the tram service to the French border.

The pilot scheme for French commuters in Luxembourg is a promising development that addresses long-standing challenges in cross-border transportation. By offering free public transport to French workers commuting to Luxembourg, the initiative aims to ease traffic congestion and promote sustainable transportation options. The collaborative effort between French municipalities and Luxembourg is a positive step towards creating a more integrated transport network that benefits both commuters and the environment. With plans to expand train services and tram routes across borders, the future of cross-border transportation between Luxembourg and France looks promising. This initiative sets a precedent for other countries to explore innovative solutions for improving transportation links and reducing carbon emissions.

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