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American soldier’s wife imprisoned in Russia alleges she witnessed his girlfriend from the area stab him while video calling with their six-year-old daughter



The US Army soldier Gordon Black made a surprise video call from his overseas tour in South Korea to his six-year-old daughter in Texas, months before his arrest in Russia. During the call, Black’s wife and daughter witnessed a violent fight between Black and his Russian girlfriend which became bloody, with his girlfriend pulling a knife and stabbing him. Black was arrested in Vladivostok, Russia, and is accused of theft after a dispute with his girlfriend.

According to Russian reports, Black was arrested for allegedly beating his girlfriend and stealing money from her. He is currently in pre-trial detention and faces up to five years in jail. Black’s mother expressed concerns about his relationship with his girlfriend, warning them that someone would get hurt. Black’s arrest has caused further complications for US officials already dealing with other detention cases in Russia, but there is no suggestion of espionage in this case.

Black’s wife, Megan, described a tumultuous relationship with him and revealed that they were in the process of finalizing their divorce when he was arrested. She said that Black refused to pay court-ordered child support, leading to legal action to secure the payments. Black’s unauthorized trip to Russia without Army permission was a breach of military regulations, and his actions have negatively impacted his family.

As details of Black’s arrest continue to emerge, his wife and daughter are struggling to come to terms with the situation. Megan shared that her daughter now views her father in a negative light due to the allegations against him. Despite the challenges she faces, she is determined to take care of her daughter and ensure that they receive the support they are entitled to under military regulations. The case has highlighted the complex and often devastating consequences of troubled relationships and actions taken without proper authorization.

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