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Nepal’s “Everest Man” sets new record with 29th summit climb



Kami Rita, a skilled climbing guide on Mount Everest, has reached the Earth’s highest peak for the 29th time, breaking his own record. He surpassed his previous record of 28 climbs and reached the 8,849-meter peak early on Sunday. His achievement was confirmed by Mingma Sherpa from Seven Summits Treks, who reported that Rita was in good health and descending back to lower camps. The weather on the mountain was also favorable for climbing during his latest ascent.

Having climbed Everest twice last year, Rita has set a new record for the most climbs, with his first ascent in 1994. He has been climbing almost every year since then, establishing himself as a vital guide for foreign climbers. Along with fellow Sherpa guide Pasang Dawa, who has climbed the mountain 27 times, Rita has been competing for the title of most climbs on the world’s highest peak. He has continued his father’s legacy, who was also a prominent Sherpa guide on Everest.

Nepal is a popular destination for climbers with eight of the world’s 10 highest peaks located in the country. Hundreds of people attempt to climb Everest every year during the spring season, when the temperatures are warmer and the winds are lighter. Last year, more than 600 climbers reached the summit of Everest, but it was also the deadliest season on record with 18 fatalities. Despite the risks, climbers continue to be drawn to the challenge of scaling the world’s highest peak.

Rita’s accomplishment of reaching the summit of Mount Everest for the 29th time highlights his immense skill and experience as a climber. His dedication to the mountain and his role as a guide for foreign climbers have earned him the nickname “Everest Man” among the climbing community. His consistent success in reaching the summit reflects his deep connection to Everest and his commitment to maintaining his father’s legacy as a respected Sherpa guide.

As Rita continues to add to his impressive climbing record, he sets a benchmark for future climbers to aspire to. His achievements inspire others to push their limits and strive for excellence in the field of mountaineering. By breaking his own record and reaching the summit of Everest multiple times, Rita showcases the determination and skill required to conquer the world’s highest peak. His passion for climbing and dedication to the mountain serve as a testament to the enduring allure of Everest and the indomitable spirit of the climbers who seek to conquer it.

With the climbing season in full swing, climbers from around the world are flocking to Everest in pursuit of their own summits. The challenge of climbing Everest attracts both experienced climbers like Rita and aspiring mountaineers seeking to test their skills on the highest peak. As climbers make their attempts during this season, they face unpredictable weather conditions and the inherent risks of high-altitude climbing. Despite these challenges, the lure of Everest continues to draw climbers year after year, with each ascent adding to the rich history and legacy of this iconic mountain.

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