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4 of Prince Harry’s Most Searing ‘Spare’ Passages About Prince William You Might’ve Missed



Prince Harry’s Spare memoir is filled with cringe-worthy anecdotes about many royals but perhaps none more than Prince William. The Duke of Sussex memorably claimed his older brother “attacked” him during a 2019 argument. Harry also claimed the now-Prince of Wales encouraged him to attend a 2005 costume party dressed as a Nazi. While those particular claims made headlines upon Spare’s debut, there are plenty of other searing passages about William.    

1. ‘Spare’ passages about Prince William: Harry said his brother ordered him to shave off his beard

William “bristled” when he discovered Queen Elizabeth II told Harry he could keep his beard for his wedding to Meghan Markle, according to Spare

“You put her in an uncomfortable position, Harold! She had no choice but to say yes,” Harry claimed William said. 

“Willy always thought Granny had a soft spot for me, that she indulged me while holding him to an impossibly high standard,” Harry added. He went on, saying William, at one point, demanded he shave. 

The reason? Harry claimed his brother finally admitted it was because he hadn’t been allowed to keep his own beard for his 2011 wedding. 


2. ‘Spare’ passages about Prince William: Harry claimed the two ‘almost came to blows’ over Africa rivalry

William and Harry both have ties to charity work in Africa. However, according to Harry, he and his brother had a rivalry over the continent. 

“Africa was his thing, he said,” Harry claimed. “And he had the right to say this, or felt he did, because he was the Heir.” 

“It was ever in his power to veto my thing, and he had every intention of exercising, even flexing, that veto power.” 

Saying that they’d “had some real rows about it,” Harry remembered how “one day, we almost

came to blows in front of our childhood mates.” One asked, “‘Why can’t you both work on Africa?’” 

“Willy had a fit, flew at this son for daring to make such a suggestion,” Harry recalled, claiming William replied, “’Because rhinos, elephants, that’s mine!’”

“It was all so obvious,” Harry explained. “He cared less about finding his purpose or passion than about winning his lifelong competition with me.”


3. ‘Spare’ passages about Prince William: William disagreed when Harry said Princess Diana helped him ‘find’ Meghan Markle

20 years after the death of their mother, Princess Diana, Harry and William went to her grave at Althorp, the Spencer family estate. Harry claimed in Spare William remarked he felt Diana’s presence in his life. 

“I think she’s been in my life, Harold. Guiding me. Setting things up for me,” Harry recalled William saying. “I think she’s helped me start a family. And I feel as though she’s helping you now too.” 

Harry agreed, telling William, “I feel as though she helped me find Meg.” At that, William “took a step back. He looked concerned. That seemed to be taking things a bit far.”

“‘Well, no Harold, I’m not sure about that. I wouldn’t say THAT!’” William replied. 

4. ‘Spare’ passages about Prince William: William believed therapy ‘brainwashed’ Harry

One particularly searing Spare passage about William involves a 72-hour argument via text between the two brothers. Harry explained William had seen footage of him getting emotional during a 2019 WellChild Awards speech. 

“He said I wasn’t well. He said again that I needed help,” Harry said in Spare, claiming William expressed concern the now-father of two was being “brainwashed” in therapy. 

“His strategy was patently obvious: I was unwell, which meant I was unwise. As if all my behavior needed to be called into question,” Harry explained. “I worked hard at keeping my texts to him civil. Nonetheless, the exchange turned into an argument, which stretched over 72 hours.”


The royal family’s stayed silent on the claims in Harry’s memoir. Meanwhile, some believe Harry may someday release a second book. Next is the coronation of Harry’s father, King Charles III, which he and Meghan haven’t confirmed they’re attending. 

Source: Cheat Sheet

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