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Mellow Premium Yakalicious Organic Chew Now Launching in New York’s Brooklyn Area



With so many dog treat options available in the market, choosing the healthy one for your furry friends is never easy. But when it comes to selecting the most nutritious and safe dog treats, ensure that you purchase dog treats from a reliable brand. Moreover, treats should be made of natural ingredients. These ingredients can help your dog in various ways. So, if you live in New York’s Brooklyn area or nearby, we have good news for you. But for this news, you’ll have to keep reading this article.

How to Find or Choose the Right Dog Treats?

Do you want to show extra love for your dogs, you can bring some dog treats from the dog bakery or order them online? Moreover, you can prepare dog treats at home. But the question is how to choose the right dog treats? Follow the below-given tips and choose the right treats for your dog.

  • Ensure that treats are specifically formulated for dogs.
  • Make sure that treats make your dog happy without causing damage to the stomach.
  • Look for treats that provide health benefits like they must be good for dental health.
  • Avoid feeding table food, chocolates, grapes or raisins as a treat to dogs because they’re toxic to dogs.
  • Before you start feeding dog treats to dogs, ensure that they’re made of natural ingredients and nutritionally balanced.
  • Ensure that you understand and track the calories that your dog will get so that you can subtract these calories from their daily diet.

Finally, if you’re unsure which dog treat is best for your furry friend, you can seek a vet’s help. If your dogs are already eating a healthy and balanced diet, you can enrich their lives by providing an occasional healthy treat.

Now, let’s share the good news that we have for you.

Launching Mellow Premium Yakalicious Now in New York’s Brooklyn Area

If you’re a resident of New York’s Brooklyn area and struggling to find healthy and safe dog treats, you’ll not struggle anymore. As mentioned earlier, we’re launching Mellow Premium Yakalicious Organic Dog Chew now in New York’s Brooklyn area. Now you might think, why should you purchase this when there are so many dog treats?


As mentioned earlier, a dog treat should be made of natural ingredients and must provide balanced nutrition. Our products are:

  • Low Fat
  • All Natural
  • Rich in Flavor
  • Highly Digestible
  • Gluten and Grain Free
  • Long-Lasting Dental Chew
  • Excellent Source of Protein
  • Ancient recipe from Nepal
  • Promotes Healthy Coats and Skin
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Ajay Gaikwad is the founder of Mellow Premium Dog Treats Brand. So, keeping all the points in mind, you can purchase these dog treats because they’re not only safe for dogs, but these are healthy dog treats. More importantly, now we’re launching it in New York as well, so it will be easy to get it.

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